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Zyteq is an Australian company which has established itself as the leader in Speech Generating devices. Owned, managed and staffed by Speech Pathologists our ever-present passion for effective communication through whatever means has helped us to carve out our niche, offering the widest range of Assistive Technology for communication through our selection of high quality systems and software from Europe, U.S.A., U.K. and New Zealand.  Assistive technology for communication presents a need for a range of methods to access the equipment, so we offer these also.  Eye gaze, as an access method has become our most recent area of interest.  As a number of the speech generating devices are based on the latest tablet technology we also deal with the associated computer access.  Environmental control (or Home Automation) can also be found installed in many of the speech generating devices, so this has become another area we cover, along with the standalone ECU Devices. The equipment areas are merging now as never before with Speech Generating Devices now offering communicaiton functions in the broadest sense, integrating internet, email, scoial media, 3G modules for SMS and voice calls. 

Zyteq was founded in August 2008 by Tracey Bode, in who had been managing the ZYGO Australia (the Australian Office of the American manufacturer) since 1993.  It is often said in the assistive technology industry that ‘you don’t go into this type of business for the profits’.  Observations and friendships with our manufacturers and suppliers over the years have demonstrated that the motivations for many in this industry are more about having a great idea or development that may really assist somebody.  Knowing from the outset that the number of ‘somebodies’ will be quite small in comparison to offering a product to the mass market makes this a niche industry..  Zyteq has close associations with its manufacturers and suppliers, and the dedication and commitment to their projects seems tireless, commendable and enduring.  Their aims are to develop high quality products to meet individual needs. Our role at Zyteq is to ensure the people who can most benefit from the products have access to them.  It is a privileged role and we aim to act as this conduit to the best of our abilities serving our customers at all levels.  Zyteq is a commercial entity, as distinct from a not-for-profit or charitable organisation.  All of our manufacturers, suppliers and resellers to my knowledge are also commercial companies.   

Zyteq is based in Melbourne, Australia and services all of Australia.  

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