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Sunset & Legacy Products

  • Discontinued products, accessories and consumer parts for discontinued products, support materials are maintained here for reference.  Some accessories may be available while stocks last.  Please enquire.

Voice Amplifiers

Zavox Reo: for quiet voice, voice disorders & voice preservation.

Home & Environment Control ECU

PROG family of infra-red ECU for home automation.
Servus 11 with Grid 3
ABLENET PowerLink 4.

iPad accessories

Accessories for iPad, iPod touch and iPhone. Carrying and mounting, Alternative access, Speech output

Software & Apps

☻The Grid 3 & PODD15 & PODD60
☻Mind Express 4
☻Eye Gaze 

Switches & Switch Accessories

  • Switches
  • Switches Reference Table
  • Switch interfaces
  • Dual Lock

Mounting Systems

  • Mounts for speech generating devices
  • Loc-line switch mounts: Modhose
  • iPads mounts
  • Monitor mounts for eye gaze systems
  • Mounting plates

Pay Invoice Online

  • Pay invoices online
  • Pay for repairs

AAC Single Selection

  • easy access, simple tech 
  • BIGmack, step-by-steps
  • Talking Brix, QuickTalker S
  • SmoothTalker
  • ProxPad

Grid 3

Grid 3 by Smartbox now available!

  • How to try it, buy it, upgrade from Grid 2
  • Guide here: how to proceed?

Consultations, Hire & Support

• Support and Training plans
• Device hire
• Consultations / Assessment

Talking Mats

Talking Mats is a tool used to help people to organise thoughts and express views.
It is a communication tool consisting of a structure, principles, implementation strategies and symbol-resources.
Zyteq provides the Talking Mats Foundation Training. The symbol resources can be purchased here online.

Trial Equipment Application Form

To book your trial equipment please link directly to the Application Form

QUICK LINK. Please call to discuss which equipment will be most suitable to trial.

Grid Player and Grid 3

Free Downloads

Grid Player is a free App for the ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It is downloaded from the iTunes store. The Grid 3 is a Windows program.

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