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AAC Single Selection

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Talking Brix

Low profile, compact connectable single message communication modules with 10 seconds of recording time.
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Ablenet AAC Access Kit

A simple starter kit containing Step-by-Step with Levels, Buddy Button switch and Universal Switch Mount
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BIG and Little step-by-step

Large format single message device. Record your own messages and speak them out in sequence by direct activation or remote switch.
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Sequencer by Adaptivation

Sequencer is a multi-level communication device, with one button. Sequence messages for playback.
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Sequencer LIteracy Kit

Sequenced single messages to read stories. Switch in pages to activate message.
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Step-By-Step CHOICE with Levels communicator LITTLE

This compact communication device stores many messages which can be accessed using the prominent single button.
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Step-By-Step with Levels communicator BIG & Little

This compact communication device stores many messages which can be accessed by activating the prominent single button. The next message in the series is spoken with each hit.
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BIGmack® and LITTLEmack

The original single message communicator, with playback up to 2 minutes, and the newer LITTLE version
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A simple single message tool using picture or object symbol tags with recordings. Tags can be swiped or touched on the Proxpad to speak the message. A user can have multiple tags.
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QuickTalker S

QuickTalker is the newest sequential communicator, with a proximity sensor activation surface.
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SimplyWorks Smooth Talker

A versatile single message & sequential communicator with superior quality digital sound output, easy activation, with wired and wireless connectivity.
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