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Talking Brix

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Talking Brix

Talking Brix are low profile, compact connectable single message communication modules with 10 seconds of recording time, available in packs of 3.

Talking Brix are slim-line, low profile, light communicators with built in magnets, perfect for carrying in a pocket, or placing around the room! For table top users, Talking Brix use an ingenious tab and slot connector to link to additional Brix. Recording time of 10 seconds each. Sold in packs of three. Built in rechargeable battery.

Down load Instruction Manual  (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Battery Care for TalkingBrix

How many Talking brix can I charge at one time?

You can charge up to 3 units at a time. Please note that the light will only come on the unit that the charger is plugged into.

How long should I charge the Talking Brix when I first receive them?

How long should I charge them? As the batteries will have an unknown amount of charge when you receive them, they should be charged. The light will turn green when they are fully charged.

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10003400 Talking Brix (3)

Talking Brix, pack of 3 with charger and instructions
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