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Grid Pad Pro 11 ex-demo/loan *** SALE ***

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Grid Pad Pro 11 ex-demo/loan *** SALE ***

A more powerful device that is packed full of features, the Grid Pad Pro 11 includes high-quality audio, multiple access options and the Servus environment control (powered by GEWA ECU) .   

Please see full entry under Communication AAC.

Add a QUHA gyroscopic mouse, or switches or Smart Nav for alternative access. 

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GPP11-SALE Grid Pad Pro 11 *** SALE *** Ex-DEMO-LOAN

Grid Pad PRO 11 [EX-DEMO/LOAN] communication device with Grid 3 installed Including Australian Acapela child and adult voices, PCS, charger, carry strap. With in-built switch ports, speakers ECU and mounting features.  Includes Premium Plan - Essential 3 months Delivery price included.  Quote can be provided for ex-demo/loan but stock cannot be held.  Subject to availability. These are the final Grid Pad 11s as they are now “end of life”, and replaced by the Grid Pad 12.

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