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Little Step-By-Step Game play

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Little Step-By-Step Game play


Record a series of messages to this dedicated speech generating device and then play back each message using one of three modes - Randomization, Random Elimination, or Choice Making. Includes 4-minutes of record time, 2.5-in/6.4-cm switch top.

Incorporating the Step-by-Step GamePlay into game-based instructional lessons enable students to learn basic skills such as eye-hand coordination, and more complex skills such as problem-solving. Learning through the use of games is highly motivating and encourages collaboration, which offers another way for students to interact and communicate with each other. Along with fostering language and social skills, strategic thinking is developed as students are challenged, motivated, and engaged. 

Like every Step-by-Step, simply record your messages into the device and activate the surface to play the message. What makes Step-by-Step GamePlay unique are its three levels:

Level 1: Randomization - Randomizes your message selections.
Level 2: Random Elimination - Randomizes the selections and once a selection is played, it is eliminated.
Level 3: Choice - Allows a user to skip through a series of messages to get to the desired message by activating the surface multiple times in a row.

In just a few minutes, AbleNet makes any game an accessible game.

Switch tops included: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue
Better-than-ever digital sound
Distinct white color to distinguish it from traditional Step-by-Step communicators
“Choose your message” choice function


Messages/Levels: Unlimited Sequential/3
Recording Time: 4-min. 
Switch Input: 1
Toy/Appliance Output/ECU: 1
Activation Surface: 2.5-in/6.4-cm
Activation Force: 2-3-oz/57-85-g
Weight with Battery: 8.5-oz/241-g
Battery Type: 9-volt - It is highly recommended to use a standard Alkaline 9V battery with this device. Alternative batteries may be comprised of materials that do not distribute power in a suitable manner, and when installed, some users may experience inconsistencies.
Accessories Available: Travel strap, Universal Shoulder Strap, Mounting Plate
Mounting Connection: Universal Mounting Plate
HCPC Code: E2500

Activation Type Pressure
Recording Time 4-Minutes
Number of Message Locations Multiple sequential messages
Number of Toy/Appliance Output(s) 1
Number of Switch Input(s) 1
Feedback Auditory
Battery Type 9-Volt battery
Weight No
Weight - Metric 241-g
Portability Shoulder strap or belt available
Mounting Plate AbleNet Universal Mounting Plate
HCPCS Code E2500
Product Waranty 2-Year Limited Warranty

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST

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