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n-abler Trackball *** SALE ***

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n-abler Trackball *** SALE ***

These were purchased and imported in error. We intended to import one for a customer and ended up with extras.

The n-ABLER Trackball is one of the most adaptable Mouse Alternative on the market specifically designed to address the needs of computer users with limited hand control, motor skill difficulties, hand-eye co-ordination difficulties and difficulty with involuntary muscle control.  For full details see the entry under COMPUTER ACCESS please. 

This is not the PRO model but the differences are outlined here:
Difference between n-ABLER Pro Trackball and n-ABLER Trackball:

Appearance - Pro has polished silver top cover, black base, black buttons with legends
Tremor Settings: Pro has an anti-tremor button which replaces the single axis freeze button. The anti-tremor feature removes some of the cursor ‘wobble’ for users who have hand tremors. There are settings to  adjust for ‘not much tremor’ to a ‘lot of tremor.

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N-AT-SALE n-ABLER Trackball *** SALE ***

n-Abler trackball by Pretorian technologies, Delivery included in price.

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N-AT n-Abler trackball

n-Abler trackball by Pretorian technologies
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