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Smooth Talker by SimplyWorks

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Smooth Talker by SimplyWorks

A versatile single message & sequential communicator with a total of 2 minutes recording time and superior quality digital sound output, easy activation, with wired and wireless connectivity. Functions include Random, Choice, Auditory Prompt, and Converse messaging modes. For positive reinforcement and additional motivation, toys or appliances can be attached and a message assigned to activate the toy/appliance.

The Smooth Talker is part of the wireless SimplyWorks family from Pretorian.  It can be used in a variety of modes, as a stand-alone device, or to operate other devices. Toys and appliances can be connected to be operated by the Smooth Talker with an associated message if required.  To activate the Smooth Talker, 90 gma of force is required.  Please check opu the new bundle price of SmoothTalker and 75mm wireless switch which operates the device.  See blog post for application idea.

See full entry under AAC Single Selection

Price will return to regular after sale period. 

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ST-SALE SmoothTalker *** SALE ***

SimplyWorks Smooth Talker. Delivery Included in Price - 3 only at this price.

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ST-R SW Smooth Talker

SimplyWorks Smooth Talker - red
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