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Smart 3

A compact hand-held speech generating touch-screen communication device. The installed Mind Express software provides for symbol or text messages, with environment control & camera
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Grid Pad Go 8

The 'new generation' rugged 8 inch full Windows 10 tablet running The Grid 3, with a Bluetooth speaker for volume.
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Grid Pad PRO 11 “new generation”

A NEW GENERATION of this popular Grid 3 tablet. Featuring USB & switch ports for alternative access & auditory feedback, mount plate and ECU.
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Grid Pad EYE 11 - now with EyeTech TM5

A compact eye gaze controlled communication system based on a Windows 10 tablet. Supplied complete with Grid 3 installed, EyeTech TM5, and switch ports, mount plate etc
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Tellus 5 IntelliGaze

The next generation Tellus 5 IntelliGaze. Computer power to meet communication and mainstream software use. Intelligaze 360 integrated with AAC software and with Alea Desktop V2.0.
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AAC Single Selection

Single Selection devices are useful devices to add to the AAC tool kit.
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A versatile communication device or recording tool. Credit card sized tags contain the messages and symbol, tactile symbol, photo or other representation. Many uses!
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Tellus 5

Tellus 5 is the latest specially designed and developed AAC device from Jabbla in Belgium, superseding the popular Tellus 4.
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Grid Pad Eye 13

Cost effective large screen eye-gaze device featuring Alea IntelliGaze and Grid 3. Includes alternative access options and ECU, with hot swappable batteries.
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Grid Pad PRO 13

A cost effective large screen device that is mountable with alternative access options and ECU
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Transit Accessory Kit - Light

A canvas laptop style carry bag with external keyboard/trackpad and USB stick
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Bobcat is the toughest and most rugged 10 inch tablet! Running Grid 3 or Mind Express 4 it provides a "go everywhere" portable AAC device.
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Grid Pad Go 10

A rugged (IP65) Windows 10 Grid Pad powered by Grid 3. Integrated tough case, carry strap and attachable speaker for portability.
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Power Bank for Grid Pads

Add power to your Grid Pads with the Power Bank external battery.
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Mobi 3

Mobi 3, elegant, powerful Windows 10 accessible device. Now available to order!
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Message Banking Services

Store recordings of your own voice for use on an AAC device.
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Grid Pad EyeTech 11

A slim-line tablet with Grid 3 installed and with the processing power of the EyeTech eye tracker.
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Mobi 3 IntelliGaze

Mobi 3 with Alea IntelliGaze AAC camera
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TouchScreen tablets: comparison chart

Compare specifications and features of Zyteq's larger tablet Speech Generating Devices.
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Allora 2

The newest text-to-speech keyboard communication device, also with switch access, Australian Realspeak, SMS capability,dual displays with detachable repositionable 2nd display.
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Proxtalker is a unique device designed for communication, group activities, self-guided training. Tags are programmed with spoken messages which the user selects to speak.
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Lightwriter SL40 CONNECT

LightWRITER SL40 CONNECT for face-to-face communication,USB port for data transfer, Acapela speech output, dual displays, word prediction.
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A small wrist-worn speech generating device.
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SuperTalker Progressive Communicator

A low cost, versatile, static-display speech generating device, with 8 levels, and key patterns of 1, 2, 4, or 8 keys
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QuickTalker Family

Quicktalker 7, 12 and 23, and QuickTalker 1 are entry level communication devices from ABLENET.
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