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Allora 2

The Allora 2 NOW WITH 3G....is a well-designed, dedicated AAC device with a physical splash proof keyboard, detachable second display/speaker and high quality Australian speech output. Minimal set-up and maintenance is required.  The in-built 3G GSM module provides SMS messaging; transfer of data to computer is straight-forward and permits document formatting or printing.  Access options include keyboard settings, ABC or QWERTY layout, keyguard and in-built scanning, for one or two switches, with scan array layout options all supplied as standard. GEWA environment control is also installed as standard. The Allora 2 weighs 1.025 kgs and can be carried in the supplied leather in-use bag, or mounted on a wheelchair. Generally suited to people who have good literacy skills, and may have a need to move between keyboard and switch/scanning access. PLEASE READ UNDER TECH SPECS - REGARDING UPGRADE FROM 2G TO 3G

Allora 2 is designed for face-to-face communication! The detachable display/speaker can be worn around the neck on a lanyard, or adhered to the back of the car headrest for the back seat passenger to view, handed to someone to read the message, placed it in the middle of the table for a meeting or at a restaurant.  With a 10 metre range and auto Bluetooth connectivity it can be used to enhance the interaction with creative use. 

Latest blog: Vision Considerations - Spelling Messages – Allora 2.  Go to blog.

All expected speed enhancement features are standard. Word prediction, sentence prediction, abbreviation expansion are included.  In-built GSM module provides SMS capability too! Operate appliances such as TV and Hi-Fi through the GEWA environment control.

The access options of keyboard and switch operation make it suitable for people who have changing fine-motor or accessing needs. Touch-typists often choose the Allora as the keyboard size suits touch typing.
Whether at school, university or work the NOTE section may be useful for writing and saving a story, speech, long note or other text.  The note can be prepared on the computer and transferred to the Allora to be read aloud; or prepared on the Allora, and printed from the computer, via the USB port (memory stick).



  • Keyboard operation
  • Switch /scanning access (plug switch in to port to activate scanning)
  • Australian RealSpeak (Lee and Karen)
  • Dual speakers
  • Dual displays
  • Detachable repositionable display/speaker
  • GEWA environment control
  • Inbuilt module for SMS
  • Digital recording 
  • Stored messages
  • Prediction (word and sentence)
  • Notebook for large documents
  • Transfer notes to computer for edit, back-up and printing
  • Keyguard (slide-on)
  • In-use carry bag (with short carry handle and shouder strap)
  • Carry bag for mounting Allora in in-use bag
  • Computer back-up and transfer

Communication Features:

  • Echo/speak : character/key, word, enter
  • Prediction: choose keys 1 to 5 to select
  • Prediction: word and sentence
  • Display: adjust font from 7 to 24 pixels
  • 2nd display: 1 to 3 lines, turn On or OFF
  • Notes: write, save and transfer note to computer
  • Store messages in the prediction list or under a code
  • Record speech, music or a sound e.g. laughter, eh hem and assign to a key for instant output.


  • Keyboard has large keys and high contrast key label
  • Splash proof and wipeable keyboard
  • Keyguard supplied as standard  (see video under DETAILS tab)
  • Scan with 1 or 2 switches
  • QWERTY, ABC or frequency of use layouts

Scanning on the Allora 2 is displayed in the main display section of the display.  Simply plug in the switch to start the scanning.

The videos under SUPPORT show various functions including scanning. (Thank-you to Techcess UK.  The Allora 2 in the video speaks British English, not Australian English.)

Standard features:

  • In-built 3G GSM module for SMS messages
  • In-built GEWA ECU module to operate TV, DVD player etc

The Allora keyguard is supplied as standard with the Allora 2.

This video shows it being fitted and used.

  • Weight: 1.025 kg
  • Dimensions: 225 x 180 x 20 >65 mm
  • Notebook memory: approx 100 MB (or 30 x books of 780,000 words)
  • Recording time: maximum space 700 MB (equates to 4 - 5 hours).  No limit to length of individual recording.

SMS and the ALLORA 2

Up until now (December 2016) the Allora 2 has been supplied with a 2G GSM module (Global System for Mobile communication).  This has provided the facility for installing your own Sim card to the Allora 2, to send and receive SMS (Short Message Service) or text messaging.

On December 1, 2016 Telstra decommissioned the 2G network.
On 1 April 2017 Optus will shut down its 2G GSM network. Vodafone will follow on 30 September 2017.
The closure of 2G networks is likely to take place around the world over the coming year.
So how this works is that the 2G module in the Allora 2, ‘talks’ to the 2G network of your phone carrier so that SMS messages can be sent.

What this means is that if you currently have a Telstra Sim card for your Allora 2 - it will no longer work as of December 1, 2016.  If you have an Optus Sim card it will no longer work after 1 April 2017, and so on.

Fortunately Jabbla, the manufacturer and developer in Belgium, has been working intensively to re-engineer the Allora 2, and the Allora 2 is now available with 3G.
Any Allora purchased from December 2016 will be fully functional for SMS using the 3G network.


Existing Allora 2 units with the 2G GSM will be able to be upgraded to the 3G GSM.
This requires technical work to install the new module and associated circuit board.
Units purchased from December 2015 will be eligible for a complimentary upgrade, as these units were purchased within the timeframe of our announcement relating to the decommissioning of the 2G, and a promise was made to ensure SMS capability of the Allora 2 would be possible after the closure of the 2G network.

Units purchased prior to December 2015 are also eligible for the upgrade, however there will be a cost associated with this.

The plan is to offer the upgrades to all Allora 2 customers, and then the work can be carried out according to a specific plan for each unit.  The aim will be to perform the technical work as quickly as possible so that as little downtime is required.


In the meantime it should be possible to use a Sim card from a different carrier that still offers 2G.  This may mean purchasing a prepaid card or transferring an account if post-paid, and the decision around phone numbers and so on is completely yours.
If you purchase a different Sim card to use with a 2G network that is still operating, please make sure you activated and charge it with funds, as you would with any Sim card.
Once installed in the Allora please see the instructions regarding the PIN code to be entered. This is 1234.

Here are copies of the manual pages for your easy reference:

Allora 2 User Guide (PDF download)

Allora 2 Guide to Shortcuts (PDF Download)

Allora 2 How to store messages: Memory + alpha and Abbreviation method. (PDF Download)

What is the default pin code for SIM?

By default there is no pin code in the device. If your SIM card doesn't require a pin code, then you should enter pin code '0000'.
If connection continues to fail, then maybe the pin code wasn't entered correctly for 3 times in a row, and you might need to put the SIM card in a GSM to unlock the card with the PUK code.

Video below:

Allora 2 Easy Maintenance Guide (PDF Download - 2 pages)

How to communicate using Allora 2 (YouTube Video Link)

How to program a remote control ECU code (YouTube Vide Link)

How to use switch access (YouTube Video Link)

How to use the detachable display/speaker (YouTube Video Link)

Hoe to add contacts to address book (YouTube Video Link)

How to use SMS (YouTube Video Link)

Blog: Vision Considerations - Spelling Messages – Allora 2  (link to Blog on this website)

Sentence Prediction and Using Key words to retrieve. (YouTube Video LInk)

Supplied with:

  • Charger
  • In-use carry case with carry handle and shoulder strap (image below)
  • User guide
  • Keyguard (slide on)
  • Lanyard for 2nd display
  • Carry-all - black canvas zip bag with shoulder strap (fits Allora 2, charger, manuals)

Optional Extras:

  • other languages
  • ABC keyboard layout
  • mounting plate


How does the Allora 2 compare with the LightWRITER SL40 CONNECT?

Allora 2 has a larger footprint and a larger keyboard with spaced keys. This may suit people requiring larger keys, or key labels for example for large fingers or vision issues.

The Allora 2 also provides the GEWA environment control unit (ECU) which is highly regarded as one of the most reliable ECU modules.

Both offer in-built GSM, with the Allora providing SMS only and the SL40 LightWRITER providing voice calls and SMS.

The Allora 2 is supplied standard with scanning in-built, so that direct or scanning access can be used.

The Allora has facility for enlarging font of both the typed text and predicted words.

The SL40 LightWRITER has a separate model which offers scanning and direct access, the LightWRITER SL40 Scanning. On this model the keyboard response is a little slower than the standard LightWRITER SL40 CONNECT.

The larger keyboard on the Allora 2 may be preferred by touch typists, as it is closer to the computer keyboard standard.

The Allora 2 has a high quality Australian speech synthesiser, wheras the LightWRITER CONNECT SL40 has British or American English Acapela Speech Synthesis installed.  

The decommissioning of 2G network:

Around the world the 2G network will be decommissioned. Telstra has announced this will start from 1st of December 2015.  Optus will decommission 2G from April 2017.

The LightWRITER SL 40 connect specifically requires a Telstra SIM, for its 2G module.  The manufacturer has advised there will be no further development of this model, therefore the SMS and voice functions will cease to work in the LightWRITER SL 40 connect.

The Allora 2 currently has a 2G module which is compatible with Telstra and Optus and other SIM cards.  Jabbla, the Belgian manufacturer of Allora 2 has provided a commitment to the ongoing functioning of the SMS.   “Jabbla will be investigating updates to the 2G module, so that the SMS function in the Allora 2 will continue to be available. As the Allora 2 is a “current’ product it will  be undergoing ongoing upgrades and updates”  to support and improve its functionality. 

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
Sale - 2 only - while stock lasts.
A2-1652-X Allora 2 - ex-loan

Allora 2 - ex-loan - with all standard accessories. 3G module installed. Price includes postage and packaging. (Not including premium plan for support)  Includes battery replacement if battery assessed as dead within one year of purchase. Quote can be provided for ex-demo/loan but stock cannot be held. 2 only at this price. Subject to availability.

$5195.00 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
Complete System
A2-1652 Allora 2 RT with Gewa IR remote control and all accessories

Allora 2 RT with Gewa IR remote control, SMS text message (SIM card not included), leather user carry bag, canvas carry-all with shoulder strap,lanyard for 2nd display, charger, keyguard, 2 year warranty.
Delivery price included.

$7420 $0.00
Quote only
Mount plates
A2-1656 Allora 2 - DaeSSY mounting plate

Allora 2 - accessory - DaeSSY mounting plate
Delivery price included.

$193 $0.00
Quote only
A2-1655-1656 Allora 2 - 'in use' carry bag with DaeSSY mounting plate

Allora 2 - DaeSSY mounting plate ‘in use’ carry bag with mounting plate
Delivery price included.

$393 $0.00
Quote only
Options and Modifications
Extra Languages
AL-475 Allora RealSpeak Language

extra RealSpeak language (add cost to A2-1652) Available | French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish and Swedish.
Delivery Included in Pricing.  Request at time of placing order for Allora 2.

$328 $0.00
Quote only
ABC layout keyboard
A2-ABC-Mod Modify Allora 2 keyboard to ABC layout

Modify exisiting Allora 2 to ABC layout keyboard. Unit must be returned to Zyteq for technical modification. Price includes labour, parts and return postage and packaging.

$232 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
A2-ABC Allora 2 - ABC layout keyboard option

ABC layout keyboard option for Allora 2. [Special Order] (please specify at the time of ordering)

$85 $0.00
Quote only
Upgrade to 3G
A2-3G-UG-RA Phone Module Upgrade (2G to 3G)

Allora 2 upgrade to 3G modem, including labour, parts, return freight.(relates to Allora 2 purchased prior to January 1st 2016: newer Alloras are eligible for a free upgrade)  This is for quotation purposes only.  Please do not send your Allora 2 for upgrade without a Return Authorisation Number.  Contact Zyteq for an RA number please.
Delivery price included.

$547 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
Replacement items
A2-1659 Allora 2 - replacement carry bag (black)

Allora 2 - replacement carry bag (black)  Price includes delivery.

$245 $0.00
Quote only
A2-1658 Allora 2 charger

Allora 2 replacement charger
Delivery price included.

$113 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
A2-1671 Replacement EDDY

EDDY - External Display/speaker for Allora 2,  Smart 3 and Tellus 5
Delivery price included.

$633 $0.00
Quote only
AL2-RP-M Replacement printed manual for Allora 2

Replacement printed Allora 2 manual.  Price includes delivery.  Please note that a PDF version of the manual is available for download from our website.

$83 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
AL2-RP-SPK Replacement small parts kit for Allora 2

Replacement small parts kit for Allora 2 including lanyard, torx 10 screwdriver and micro USB cable.  Price includes delivery

$58 $0.00
Quote only
AL2-RP-KG Replacement keyguard

Replacement keyguard for Allora 2.  Price includes delivery.

$218 $0.00
Quote only
A2-1657 Allora 2 Battery

Replacement internal battery for Allora 2.  Price includes delivery.

$284.80 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
Separated costs for funding quote
Allora 2 RT with Gewa IR remote - PART 1 A2-1652-P1

Allora 2 RT with 3G, Gewa IR remote control, (Separated cost for funding quote - MUST BE COMBINED WITH PART 2) SMS text message (SIM card not included), manual, charger, 2 year warranty.

$7000 $0.00
Quote only
Allora 2 RT with Gewa IR remote - PART 2 A2-1652-P2

Allora 2 - accesssories - keyguard and carry bag.  (Separated for funding quotes - MUST BE USED WITH PART 1)

$380 $0.00
Quote only

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