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Message Banking Services

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Message Banking Services

Message banking is the process of recording phrases, messages and vocabulary for the purpose of incorporating the digitised recordings into an AAC system if the person requires such a system due to permanent or temporary reduction or loss of intelligible speech.  Please see full outline on our services page.   The Message Banking process can be carried out independently or Zyteq can assist with selected stages of the process.

Pricing can be found here.  Please scroll down.

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
MB-MIC Microphone for message banking

Microphone for message banking - a high quality USB storage microphone.  We use the Zoom H1 Audio Recorder - which is available and can be purchased from many audio outlets if you prefer. Includes postage and packaging. [Total incl GST = $198]

$180 $18.00
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MB-INTRO Message Banking - Introductory Consultation

Message Banking - Introductory Consultation - via Skype or phone - steps for recording messages, storage and planning. 30 minutes with a Speech Pathologist

$80 $8.00
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MB-DATA Message banking - data management

Message banking - data management - Zyteq can label, categorise and storage.  This is a per hour service for the labour with a minimum of 3 hours.  The service includes 2 x 1 hour of revisions of categorising and labeling. Extra hours can be added.

$270 $27.00
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MB-transfer Message Banking - transfer to AAC software

Transferring your message recordings and integrating them to your grid set, labour per hour with a minimum of 3 hours.

$270 $27.00
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MB-EXTRA Message Banking - labour - extra hour

Extra per hour labour for data management.

$90 $9.00
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MB-COMPLETE Message Banking - complete

Complete service - including microphone, introductory consultation, data management and transfer to device. Limit 8.5 hours for all services.

$800 $80.00
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