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The PowerBox MOTION is a rugged and powerful Windows 7 or Windows 8 based tablet AAC device.  With Grid 2, PCS, Australian voices including installed  adults and child voices it performs very well as a portable AAC system with a high impact in-use carry bag, an amplifier for loud speech output and table stand.  The high impact carry bag and Gorilla glass display add to the durability features including display sealed against moisture, magnesium-alloy internal frame for structural rigidity, Solid State Drive (SSD) and testing to military standard MIL-STD-810G.The capacitive display employs the latest technology and can be used with direct touch or a digital stylus.  Keyguards are available for the PODD15 Grid set, and can be custom made. In-built 4G module provides integrated access for SMS and internet.  WIFI connectivity, and in-built cameras are also standard.

The PowerBox MOTION is about to be discontinued.

Available while stock lasts.  Then ex-demo/loan units available. 

The PowerBox MOTION is a rugged and powerful tablet computer based on Windows 7 or Windows 8. At a little over 1kg (tablet only), it is one of our lightest complete communication aids suitable for a mobile child or adult. It has been designed for use in a demanding environment and can withstand the knocks and bumps that are inevitable with a portable device. The screen is sealed against exposure to moisture. It also features a 64GB solid state hard drive with no moving parts, and excellent battery life.

For PowerBox MOTION Access, the switch accessible, mountable system with GEWA environment control please click here to go to PowerBox MOTION Access.


The PowerBox MOTION can be accessed directly by touch or with a USB pointing device. It is supplied with built-in WiFi and a 3G Sim card slot. The battery provides up to 8 hours of use and has a 2 hour charge time. A portfolio case and amplifier are included with the device.  The case has a shoulder strap and an in-nbuilt table stand.

With Gorilla glass and an internal structural frame for rigidity this device is built for mobile use.

Pictured below with the PODD15 grid set for the Grid 2. Keyguards are available for the PODD 15.

Size comparison.  Both devices here display the grid set SymbolTalker A.  The left image is the PowerBox MOTION, full powered Windows 7 computer running The Grid 2, and on the right is the iPad® running iOS.


Usually in stock.


Available for a short-term trial.  Booking required and waiting list applies.

While preparing for your trial of the PowerBox MOTION, the Grid 2 can be downloaded and grid sets investigated, prepared and customised. Save your grid bundle and it can be downloaded to the PowerBox MOTION for the trial.  

GridPlayer can be downloaded to an iPad and some familiarisation with category/branching, changing pages, cell size, visual display and other elements can be evaluated. 

To read more about use of Grid 2 on a Windows computer and GridPlayer on an iPad, please click here.

The Grid 2

The Grid 2 enables communication using symbols or text to generate the message. A variety of ready made ‘Grid Sets’ are available (such as IDV, Star Talker, PODD15 and WordPower) that cater for a wide range of ages and abilities..

The high quality speech engine Acapela is included with the software, which provides a wide range of voices in many languages. Australian child and adult voices are supplied as standard in the PowerBox Motion. (from 1st March 2014)
The Widget Literacy Symbol library is included with The Grid 2, while PCS, Makaton, SymbolStix and Bliss are also available.

The Grid 2 features a number of built in workspaces:
- Email
- Fully accessible web browser
- Skype chat and calls
- Much more!

All the workspaces are included in the software and you can make your own in the editor. Each workspace is fully accessible with any input method and features much bigger targets than standard mainstream software. The workspaces are also available to symbol users.

  • Weight : 1kg (tablet only)
  • Weight in carry bag with amplifier: 1.65 kg
  • Screen:  10.1"
  • Battery life: Up to 8 hours
  • Access: touchscreen,  Pointer, Keyguard
  • Connectivity:  Wi-Fi, 4G SIM slot, 1 USB ports, 1 SD card slot
  • Features: Slim, lightweight design. Windows 7 tablet
  • Software: The Grid 2 or Mind Express
  • Hardware: Intel® Pentium “Baytrail” N3540 Quad core (2.16 GHz) 4GB RAM; 64GB(WIN 8)  or 124 GB(WIN 7) Solid State Drive
  • Operating System Windows 7 or 8
  • Gorilla Glass
  • Tested to Military grade MIL-STD-810G
  • Magnesium-alloy internal frame for structural rigidity

MOTION CL920 specifications (PDF 2 pages)

(Current model is now CL920, which has a few improved features and offers Windows 8)

PowerBox MOTION quick start Guide (PDF Download)

PowerBox MOTION SIM card set-up guide (PDF Download)

PowerBox MOTION - Taking photos with Grid 2 and AMCap software (PDF Download)

MOTION CL910 tablet - user guide (PDF download)

MOTION CL910 Quick Set-Up Guide  (PDF download)

Grid 2 software - download full program for 60 day trial (can be licensed at a later stage)  Includes PODD15 and other grid sets.

Grid 2 support > please go to SUPPORT at Grid 2

Supplied with:

  • Software installed: Grid 2 and standard speech synthesizers and symbol libraries, Australian adult and child voices, PCS symbol library
  • Digital stylus
  • Charger
  • MOTION computing's warranty
  • in-use high impact carry bag with shoulder strap and table stand

Transit & accessories Kit includes:

  • Aluminium transit case
  • external USB keyboard (with 2 USB ports in-built)
  • USB mouse
  • USB memory stick

Optional Extras:

  • Australian Acapela child voices
  • Other languages
  • If switch access, mounting and environment control is required please see PowerBox MOTION Access

Can other software be installed?

The MOTION tablet is a Windows 7 tablet supplied with standard Windows pre-installed and the AAC software installed.  Other software can be installed or downloaded.  

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
Complete Kit
PB-M8-K PowerBox MOTION w/KIT (Win 8)

PowerBox MOTION (MOTION CL920 2.6GHZ 4GB 64GB 4G LTE WIN8) with accessories-transit KIT and Grid 2, Australian Acapela adult and child voices, PCS, SymbolStix, Widgit symbol libraries, in-use carry bag with shoulder strap and table stand, digital stylus and charger. Including external keyboard with 2 USB ports, USB mouse, memory stick and aluminium transit case.

$6745 $0.00
Quote only
Essentials Kit
PB-M8 PowerBox MOTION (WIN 8)

PowerBox MOTION (MOTION CL920 2.6GHZ 4GB 64GB 4G LTE WIN8) with Grid 2, Australian Acapela adult and child voices, PCS, SymbolStix, Widgit symbol libraries, in-use carry bag with shoulder strap and table stand, digital stylus and charger. (transit-accessories kit NOT included).

$6195 $0.00
Quote only
Basic Kit
PB-M8-X PowerBox MOTION (WIN 8) no software

PowerBox MOTION with in-use carry bag with shoulder strap and table stand, digital stylus, charger ONLY. (MOTION CL920 2.6GHZ 4GB 64GB 4G LTE WIN8)  & Microsoft pre-installed software.  (Grid 2, Australian Realspeak etc or Mind Express 4 not included / available separately)

$5235 $523.50
Quote only
Optional Accessories
PB-TAK Accessories-transit KIT only

Accessories-transit KIT including external keyboard, with mouse, memory stick and suitable aluminium transit case.  For Grid Pads, Servus and PowerBox MOTION.
Delivery price included.

$568 $0.00
Quote only
PM-PODD15 PODD15 for The Grid 2

PODD15 grid set single user license (the Grid 2 and PCS required, and not included)

$465 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
MT-PODD15 PowerBox Motion PODD15 Keyguard

Keyguard for PowerBox Motion CL910 tablet - for the PODD 15 Gridset

$155 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
ZTC Training - remote (not on-site)

Zyteq Training Consultation per hour / remote via Skype, Teamviewer, phone and email

$165 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
Replacement items
X508-526-06 PowerBox MOTION charger

Charger for PowerBox MOTION (CL910) power adaptor, with power cable. (replacement or additional)

$95 $9.50
Purchase / Quote
X510.526.06 Powerbox Motion (CL920) Charger

Replacement or additional charger for Powerbox Motion (CL920) including power cable.  For newer Powerbox Motion’s with Windows 8.

$105 $10.50
Purchase / Quote

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