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Smart 3

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Smart 3

An elegant compact hand-held speech generating, touch-screen communication device. Symbol or text message generation, with environment control, camera and phone features are provided via the installed Mind Express software. .  The remote / external Bluetooth display, EDDY, displays the message in text and acts as a speaker. This can be worn around the neck on a lanyard, or adhered to the back of the car headrest for the back seat passenger to view, handed to someone to read the message, placed it in the middle of the table for a meeting or at a restaurant. The Smart 3 can also make mobile phone calls connected using your mobile phone (not all phone are suitable).

A handy speech device with a high-quality sound

The Smart is the smart solution to communicate anywhere, quickly and efficiently. This small portable communication device, with its clear and distinct voice output, can go anywhere. The Smart was designed for people with an active lifestyle.

Light, flexible, easy to use

The Smart is a very lightweight pocket-sized device. It combines excellent sound quality with a bright screen. The graphic communication program based on Mind Express 4, is a user friendly and versatile solution. Communication Vocabularies can be created and edited on the actual device or on a Windows PC. The Smart uses text and symbol-related communication.

Ease of operation

The 4.3” screen has a high resolution providing an excellent view from all angles. The Smart is controlled by a finger or stylus. The settings of the touch screen can be adjusted by specifying the actuation and travel times to suit the user.

Please watch our 4 minute 6 seconds Hands-On Review Video


Contemporary design

Its weight and unique design make the Smart the ultimate communication device for users on the go. The rubber case provides extra protection. The Smart is available in different colors. 

Compact and with extra functions

Taking pictures or operating your TV, DVD player with your Smart? The built-in camera and infrared module make it possible. Connect the Smart with your cellular phone (*) and make phone calls with the Smart. Or use a wearable display (optional) to get the message out... loud and clear. The second display can be worn on a lanyard around the neck keeping the focus on the user and not on the device!

(*) Some phones may not be suitable for this feature.


Display     Bright 4.3” WVGA touch screen

Audio        Integrated stereo speakers

Software   Windows Mobile + Mind Express 4 with SymbolStix

Speech output  BrightSpeech (Acapela)

I/O    1 USB port OTG

Weight  12 oz or 250 g

Connectivity Bluetooth hadsfree protocol

Supplied with

  • in-built forward facing camera
  • rubber case (41 grams)
  • charger
  • Stylus
  • USB cable and adaptor
  • Mind Express 4 license (2 software keys)
  • memory stick
  • orange fascia skin (standard)
  • EDDY; wearable external display/ speaker and lanyard
  • Dimensions:  135mm x 79mm x 25mm (with rubber case : 140,5mm x 85mm x 30mm)
  • Weight: device 250g, rubber case 41g
  • Computer: NVIDIA© Tegra 2 1GHz,  
  • Operating System: Windows® Mobile™6.0
  • Memory: 512MB SDRAM + 1 GB FLASH
  • Display: 4,3 inch WVGA TFT touch screen (480 x 800)
  • Ports: 1 x USB 2.0 OTG (slave + master)
  • Other: camera, Indra-red ECU, Bluetooth handsfree protocol

How to make the font larger in the message window (PDF Download)

SMART 3 quick start Guide (PDF Download)

  • Grey fascia skin (special order)
  • Blue green fascia skin (special order)
  • extra languages for Mind Express 4 (Dutch, Danish, French, German, italian, Spanish, Swedish)
  • 1 x USB Mind Express licenses - instead of 2 x software keys

Volume isn't loud enough: 

The Smart 3 should have loud and clear volume. If you are unable to set the volume high enough - try the following.
Mind Express saves its own volume setting, so it is important to set the required volume in Mind Express, NOT from the START menu > settings. Use the buttons at the bottom of the front panel to set the Volume in Mind Express to maximum. First set the buttons to be VOLUME buttons (go to Tools > Options > Left button action & Right button action). Once the volume is set to the maximum,  do a File > Save. Every time you restart Mind Express, Mind Express reverts to its previous volume setting. Saving the high volume setting will prevent a return to a low volume. 

Stop Smart 3 from speaking each character, when SPACE is pressed:

Select DOCUMENTS> letter settings > and then check the box that says " no speech when adding to letter".

Make 'letter box' (or sentence bar) bigger:

To increase or decrease the font size in the letter box (sentence bar) go to Document > Letter settings > Font, to select the desired size. Save under FILE settings

Hide and reveal menu bar - SMART 3:

There are two methods to HIDE the menu bar:

use the Hide menu option under Tools
press the button in the hole at the top left of the device 

To reveal the menu bar: press the recessed button at the top left of the side of the unit, using an unfolded paper-clip, or other pointed object.

When installing Zingui Mind Express from CDs - error message appears:

“lhsp01.dll is missing”

The Mind Express Smart or Zingui CD for Australia includes a RealSpeak Solo version of the speech engine. (The Solo part is important). If you install this CD, everything usually works fine.  If you use a DOWNLOADed installation file of Mind Express Smart or Zingui or an updated version provided by Zyteq , it will (by default) suggest to install the RealSpeak version. This is however confusing as this is actually a "RealSpeak 2" version (which is NOT the same as RealSpeak Solo). In fact, you should choose to install the TTS3000/Acapela version in case of RealSpeak Solo. So, reinstalling the downloaded Mind Express Smart or ZIngui and choosing for TTS3000/Acapela should solve the problem. 

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S3-1852-A2-1671 Smart 3 with External Display EDDY

Smart 3 hand-held communication device with Mind Express 4 (with additional computer license), SymbolStix, PCS, Australian Speech, ECU, Bluetooth handsfree protocol, in-built camera, charger, instruction manual, rubber case. stylus, USB to PC cable, USB to keyboard cable. Supplied standard with burnt-orange fascia panel.
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