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SuperTalker Progressive Communicator

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SuperTalker Progressive Communicator

The SuperTalker provides a low cost communication device using recorded voice and many features. Easy to learn and use, yet feature-filled to permit set-up and configuration for a range of uses. Use it as a single-message communicator for beginners and progress to a two-, four-, or eight-message communicator as needs and abilities change. A useful device for trialling skills and working towards goals. SuperTalker also offers eight levels so you can record and store as many as 64 messages.

Latest model!

A versatile, static-display speech generating device, with 8 levels, and key patterns of 1, 2, 4, or 8 keys.  The SuperTalker Progressive Communicator permits progression from a single message through to 2, 4, or 8 messages per overlay. All keyguards are supplied with the device, so simply change the set-up and the keyguard to move on.  

How it works:

Plan the messages required for each level.  Usually messages would be devised according to the activity or situation in which the SuperTalker will be used, for example playing a game of "Simon Says", making comments during play-time, messages needed to obtain assistance during colouring or playing with dolls or cars, or meal-times etc.
Make overlays to represent the messages. 
A speaking assistant records the messages using the in-built microphone in the SuperTalker.  Experiment with different distances from the microphone to achieve the best output quality.
Change levels, record another level.
8 levels are available.
Recording time is 16 minutes in total, and messages can vary in length.
Place the overlay under the keyguard, and exit RECORD mode.
The SuperTalker is ready for action!

This example could be used with a teenager during 'make-up' or 'grooming'.

Other features:

Storage compartment for keyguards and overlays.


Special order.  Not held in stock.  Ordered in as required. 4 to 6 weeks delivery time.


As this is a low cost device offered by multiple suppliers it is not available for short-term trial through our usual 'loan/trial program'.  Instead we offer the SuperTalker on a 'sale or return' basis.  This means it can be purchased and a new complete kit is supplied, and if it is unsuitable it can be returned within 14  days.  A refund will be provided less the original freight cost and less any 're-stocking fee' applicable. A re-stocking fee applies if packaging or components require replacing.  If the device and accessories are returned in resaleable condition, a refund will be provided less the original freight charge.

Ablenet's video demonstration

  • Dimensions: 300mm (wide) x 222 mm (deep) x 30 - 50 mm (high)
  • Weight::  907 gms (2 lbs)
  • Activation Force: 227 grams (8 oz)
  • Recording time: 16 minutes total
  • Power : 4 x AA batteries
  • Ports and connections: 8 x switch jacks, 2 x toy/appliance jacks

Manual for SuperTalker Progressive Communicator (PDF download)

Supplied with:

  • 4 keyguards ( 1 key, 2, 4, and 8 keys)
  • 2 x appliance/toy cables
  • 2 x AA batteries
  • QuickStart guide

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10002800 SuperTalker Progressive Communicator

SuperTalker Progressive Communicator, with keyguards, toy/appliance cables, batteries and 1 year warranty.  (SPECIAL ORDER - 4-8 WEEK DELIVERY)
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800BMST Strap for SuperTalker

Strap for SuperTalker - AbleNet Travel Strap - Shoulder Mount (also suits BIGmack and BIG Step-by-Step)
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$56 $0.00
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