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The TalkTrac is a small wrist-worn speech generating device. It features 4 message keys and 2 levels, so a total of 8 messages, each with a 10 second limit.  The TalkTrac is a useful addition to a communication toolkit, where signing, speech, high tech device or low tech communication book or systems are also used.  The TalkTrac can call attention, contain "ice breaker" instant messages, messages to use to ask for other AAC systems or direct attention to other systems.   

The TalkTrac is a small wrist-worn speech generating device. It features 4 message keys and 2 levels, so a total of 8 messages, each with a 10 second limit. Messages are stored by speaking into the in-built microphone, and represented on slide-in overlays, which could display a symbol, picture or text. It can be used by children or adults, for instant messages, conversation starters, situation-specific messages such as 'catching a taxi', 'buying a train ticket', chatting with friends etc.  It would make a handy additional device to complement a more comprehensive speech generating device, or communication book or board.  Someone who uses signing may find it useful to have spoken messages for some situations. 

How it works:

Plan which messages will be recorded, and make a suitable overlay to represent them.
An overlay template will be available from Ablenet's website so overlays can be designed on a computer and printed out.
5 overlay slides are supplied with the device.
A speaking assistant records the messages.
Slide the overlay in and the TalkTrac is ready to use.
The user presses the message keys to speak out the recorded message required.


The message keys measure 18 mm x 12 mm on a membrane style keypad.
The four keys are arranged in a linear grid.
To change levels two keys must be pressed simultaneously.  A green LED flashes to indicate the change.
The message keys are pressed directly using fingers or thumb.


A wrist strap with a Velcro closure is supplied with the TalkTrac. 
If preferred this can be substituted with a watch band.
The TalkTrac is very light and sits comfortably on the wrist.


The Talk Trac is powered by internal rechargeable batteries.  A charger is supplied with the unit.
A low battery warning indicates that the battery should be charged soon.  Multiple red flashing after a mesage has played, will indicate battery low.


Special Order. Not usually held in stock.


As this is a low cost device it is not available for short-term trial through our usual 'loan/trial program'.  Instead we offer the TalkTrac on a 'sale or return' basis.  This means it can be purchased and a new complete kit is supplied, and if it is unsuitable it can be returned within 14 days.  A refund will be provided less the original freight cost and less any 're-stocking fee' applicable. A re-stocking fee applies if packaging or components require replacing.  If the device and accessories are returned in resaleable condition, a refund will be provided less the original freight charge.


Unit: 74 mm long x 31 - 42 mm wide, 22 mm high
Wrist strap: 250 mm long
Weight: 40 gms (approx)

TalkTrac instruction Guide (PDF download)

TalkTrac overlay templates (PDF download) 

TalkTrac Youtube Video (Watch here)

Supplied with:

Quickstart guide
5 x slide overlays
wrist band
2 year limited warranty

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
10002000 TalkTrac wearable communicator

TalkTrac wearable communicator, with charger, quickstart guide and overlay slides. (Special Order - not held in stock)
Delivery Prices Included

$228 $0.00
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Replacement parts
TT-CHA TalkTrac Charger

Replacement charger for TalkTrac.
Delivery Prices Included

$86 $0.00
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