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Tellus 5 IntelliGaze

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Tellus 5 IntelliGaze

The next generation Tellus 5 IntelliGaze. Computer power to meet communication and mainstream software use. Intelligaze 360 integrated with AAC software and with Alea Desktop V2.0.

The Intel Core i5 computer powers the Tellus 5 IntelliGaze for communication and other tasks. The 13 inch 4:3 aspect ratio display provides a large area for AAC and eye gaze control.  Operate the Tellus 5 using the capacitive touch screen, switches, mouse emulators and eye gaze via Intelligaze from Germany. The Grid 2 and Mind Express 4, OR Grid 3 and Mind Express and Alea desktop V2 .0 are installed and ready to use.  A Jabbla IR environment control unit (ECU) WebCam and mount plate are included.  The Bluetooth phone connectivity permits wireless access to a smart phone.

Communication and more…

The highly functional, state of the art Tellus 5 IntelliGaze is designed for someone who wants to work on a powerful, eye gaze accessible tablet PC for all their AAC & computing needs. The Tellus 5 IntelliGaze is the system of choice if you want to communicate as well as use your device for email, internet browsing and work-related tasks. Fast processing & powerful software give users more independence than ever!

Why choose a specially designed system?

A regular off-the-shelf tablet will not have all the features of the Tellus 5 IntelliGaze.  The latest generation of consumer tablets are designed with the portability as the priority so many features are compromised to achieve a thin and lightweight device. Most consumer tablets have only 1 x USB port, no mounting points, small speakers, and insufficient battery life to run the eye gaze USB device. They often run a lower version of Windows and do not have the computer power of the Tellus 5 IntelliGaze. With switch ports, mount plate, stand, loud speakers and robust chassis and screen the Tellus 5 IntelliGaze is 'designed for purpose', to be a portable communication system. 

A highly visible display, both indoors and outdoors…

The 13.3” capacitive touch screen displays an unprecedented sharp and clear picture, which means the device is suitable for outdoor use. The Tellus 5 IntelliGaze combines the sleek design and user-friendly experience of a tablet PC with the power and durability of a device truly built for the AAC market.

Always connected.....

The Tellus 5 IntelliGaze supports the latest technology in wireless connections using integrated WLAN and Bluetooth technology. Stay connected to your friends and family! Send and receive emails, browse the Web via Wi-Fi or connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth to make or receive phone calls & texts.

(*) Some phones may not be suitable for this feature.

The Tellus 5 has been designed, developed and produced by Jabbla in Belgium.  In collaboration with Alea, we add the German expertise with the IntelliGaze eye gaze camera, the IntelliGaze 360, to offer the Tellus 5 IntelliGaze complete system.  The Tellus 5 is beautifully engineered from the ground up to serve as a powerful and yet practical communication system. The casing and chassis have been carefully engineered to provide optimum acoustics, robust protection of the internal computer platform and a strengthened waterproof screen.

Tellus 5 IntelliGaze features:

  • large, bright 13.3 inch capacitive screen
  • make phone calls or SMS using the Bluetooth connection between Tellus 5 IntelliGaze and your Android mobile phone
  • SMS module - install your SIM card
  • loud speakers for effective sound output
  • switch ports for scanning
  • wake up from "stand-by" by touching the screen
  • a modular system.  It is possible to detach the IntelliGaze to also use it on another computer such as a Windows dekstop for example.  This requires some care and special instructions.

Accessing options:

Touchscreen: The touchscreen requires a little more skin contact than the usual consumer tablet capacitive screen as it uses strengthened glass.  

Eye Gaze: Using the Alea IntelliGaze eye gaze camera both Mind Express and Grid software are fully compatible for eye gaze operation.  As Alea's Desktop V2.0 is also supplied, other mainstream software can be installed and accessed using this powerful interface. 

Switch & Scanning: the Tellus 5 has 2 switch ports for direct switch connection

Head-tracking: use the inbuilt web camera to control the cursor with head movement. Alternatively add other head-tracking systems connecting via the USB ports.  Other options may include QUHA Zono gyroscopic mouse, Smart Nav or Tracker Pro.  

Other mouse emulation such as joysticks, trackballsn-ABLER Pro joystick, HelpiJoy and other computer accessing methods can be used. 

Processor -  Intel® Core™ i5-4300U

Operating system -  Microsoft Windows® 10

Hard drive  - 240 GB SSD

Internal memory -  4 GB DDR3

Screen - Bright 13.3 inch WXGA LED touch screen display, 1280 x 800 pixels

USB - 3 x USB 2.0

Battery - Li-Ion battery

Weight - 3.5 kg  with IntelliGaze & Alea classic mount plate

Dimensions with IntelliGaze • Width: 33.02 cm (13 inch) • Height: 27.50 cm  • Depth: 6 cm (with mount plate)

Webcam -  Integrated in the screen.

Mounting - Mounting plate for DAESSY mounting system, VESA 75 compatible.

ECU module - Jabbla IR

Connectivity - WLAN, Bluetooth

Audio • 1 integrated microphone • 2 integrated speakers

Tellus 5 Manual (PDF Download)

Tellis 5 Quick Start Guide (PDF Download)

Tellus 5 - How to Turn ON using a Switch (PDF Download)

Tellus 5  - How to set up Jabbla IR for Grid 3 (PDF Download)

Supplied with:

  • pilots case with wheelc and extendable handle
  • power supply with plug and cable
  • USB keyboard
  • USB mouse
  • USB stick
  • user guide Tellus 5 IntelliGaze
  • GRID 3 with Australian Acapela voices (Lisa and Tyler), symbolstix symbols.
  • Mind Express 4 (2 software licenses + Quick Start Guide)

Optional extras:

  • mounting adaptor plates
  • mounting systems

What is the screen technology?

The screen is a strengthened capacitive display, requiring a little more skin contact than the capacitive screens found in consumer tablets.  For this reason it is also not suitable sor access using a stylus.

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
T5-IG-G3 Tellus 5 IntelliGaze with Grid 3

Tellus 5 IntelliGaze 360 with Desktop V 2.0, with Grid 3, Mind Express, Jabbla IR, Daessy mount plate, table stand, wheeled pilot’s case, external keyboard, mouse, USB stick.  Includes Premium Plan - Essential 3 months.
Delivery price included.

$18800 $0.00
Quote only
16.1117 VESA mount plate 75 x 75 mm

VESA mount plate 75 x 75 mm for Rehadapt mounts
Delivery price included.

$196 $0.00
Quote only
WcP0982.a Power2 Go - Connect to Power Wheelchair

Power2Go 90W Charger from Power Wheelchair - for Laptop, Windows Tablet, & AAC Devices
Delivery price included.

$603 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
PCS PCS Library

PCS symbol library for Grid 3, Grid 2 and Mind Express 4.  Please note the Grid 2 and 3 PCS license works for both these programs.  The PCS license for Mind Express 4 is a different product.

$255 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
G2-ACAP-AUC Child voices, Liam and Olivia (AU) (single license) for Grid 2 and Grid 3

Acapela - Australian child voices, Liam and Olivia (single user/site license) for Grid 2 and Grid 3

$125 $0.00
Purchase / Quote

PODD Grid set for Grid 2 and Grid 3 (Grid program not included) with the required Picture Communication Symbol library (PCS)
Delivery price included.

$713 $0.00
Purchase / Quote

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