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QUHA ZONO gyroscopicmouse

Revolutionary alternative wireless mouse, worn on headband or other position. Plug & play and use with almost any computer and tablet. Elegant, functional Nordic design.
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n-ABLER Trackball

An adaptable light-touch trackball, providing an alternative to the mouse. Rugged design with a large footprint for stability. Plug & play USB connection. Left or right handed.
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SmartNAV 4 with Dwell Clicker 2 or Grid 2 or Grid 3

The SmartNAV is a hands-free, head operated mouse which replaces your conventional mouse and lets you take control most Windows programs by moving your head.
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SimplyWorks Trackball

A wireless trackball; robust with hand rest; with large, light-touch free-running ball and smooth movement. Operate computer via SimplyWorks receiver
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A USB alternative input device for Windows PC providing joystick, switch or mouse mode using 1 to 5 switch inputs
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Brainfingers is a revolutionary access device that can be operated with either tiny muscle movements or brain activity.
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BJOY Ring Wireless

Use your wheelchair Joystick as a mouse in an accurate and comfortable way.
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Designed off a microswitch joystick, the BJOY Hand C requires minimal strength and accuracy to be used.
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BJ Toybox

BJ Toybox allows you to easily control up to 4 toys and/or switch adapted devices from your computer.
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Webinar on Zyteq Access Devices

Webinar reply with overview of alternative access for computer based technology.
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Intelligaze CAM30NT - new lower pricing for 2015!

The Intelligaze CAM30NT provides complete computer operation by eye-gaze control.
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SimplyWorks JoyStick

A wireless joystick with knob, T-piece and soft ball controls; responds to the finest movement; can be used with computers or toys.
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Helpikeys is a programmable A3 alternative keyboard, with 5 standard overlays. For Windows or Mac. From Italy.
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Compact Keyboard S-board 840

A compact USB keyboard, with integrated number pad. Slim-line, low profile and comfortable to use.Light-weight so readily portable.
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A USB joystick with 4 mouse functions.
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TrackerPro emulates a mouse for computer input using head tracking. The TrackerPro camera tracks a small dot which the operator wears on the forehead, glasses rim or hat rim.
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Orbitrack (or Cruise Adapted Trackpad)

Orbitrack is a revolutionary computer input device to control the cursor with NO hand or wrist movement. The mouse operation using Orbitrack is unique.
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BIGtrack trackball - switch adapted

BIGtrack provides a large rugged trackball to replace the standard mouse, with switch jacks.
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Simply Works Receive:2

The SimplyWorks® Receive:2 is a USB receiver and interface which forms the hub of the SimplyWorks® system when used for computer access. (PC and Mac with USB ports)
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Joycable adapts any Windows computer for switch access.
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Dwell Clicker 2

Dwell Clicker 2 provides on-screen mouse emulation. A companion to Tracker Pro. Free download or purchase advanced features.
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n-ABLER Pro joystick

A joystick alternative to the computer mouse, needing only fingertip control and minimal hand movement.Right or left handed, anti-tremor and integrated wrist rest.
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SimplyWorks Receive

The SimplyWorks® Receive is a USB receiver and interface which forms the hub of the SimplyWorks® system when used for computer access. Module on USB cable.
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Optimax wireless trackball.

Optimax wireless trackball for Windows and Apple Macintosh computers. Mouse alternative providing precise cursor control and colour-coded buttons. Easy "plug and play".
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Grid Player and Grid 3

Free Downloads

Grid Player is a free App for the ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch. It is downloaded from the iTunes store. The Grid 3 is a Windows program.

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