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BJOY Ring Wireless

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BJOY Ring Wireless

Use your wheelchair Joystick as a mouse in an accurate and comfortable way. BJOY Ring Wireless is a USB device that allows you to turn the joystick on your wheelchair in to a mouse that allows you to control your computer and compatible tablets and smart phones, wirelessly. 

  • Use your mouse in an accurate and comfortable way using your wheelchair's joystick.
  • Use your favourite applications just by approaching your computer or mobile device.
  • Use your favorite external switches to make the clicks.
  • Use the BJOY software to modify the mouse operation features like the pointer speed, orientation, buttons functions and many others.
  • All settings are stored in the device. There's no need to configure the mouse again when using with a different device.
  • This device is part of the BJOY range.


  • Emitter paired up to 4 receivers.

  • Operating range: 5 m.

  • Frequency: 868 MHz.


  • Plug and Play USB 2.0 device.

  • Pairing button.

  • Size: 51 x 26 x 14 mm.


  • Battery: 900 mA.

  • Rechargeable batery via micro USB cable.

  • Pairing button.

  • Two switch inputs for 3.5 mm mono jack plug (female).

  • Calibration done via local USB port.

  • LED battery status and indicator.

  • Beeper for auditory feedback for low battery and clicks (optional).

  • Size: 80 x 56 x 22 mm.

User's Guide: [PDF DOWNLOAD]

  • User's guide.
  • Allen key to fix the fixing screw.
  • Protection cover.
  • Extension USB cable with cradle (1.5m long).
  • Micro USB cable for charging.
  • USB type power supply.

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BJ-889 BJoy Ring

USB Joystick mouse for wheelchair controller
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