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USB switch connector for Windows computers. Works with Grid 2 and other programs providing switch access for 1 or 2 switches.

Switches usually come with a 3.5mm jack plug to connect them to a device. In order to connect this to a Windows PC, you need an adaptor or connector. The joycable is manufactured by Sensory Software. This will work with The Grid 2 by Sensory Software and other compatible programs.

This is a simple connector for 1 or 2 switches to the USB port. The JoyCable switch adaptor enables switch control of almost any switch controlled software on a Windows PC. The cable has a USB connection at one end and connectors for 1 or 2 standard 3.5mm switch jacks at the other.

No drivers are needed to use the JoyCable with popular software such as The Grid, Clicker or Widgit software.

To allow the JoyCable to work with programs such as switch games, which often use keystrokes or mouse clicks as a switch input, we include the Sensory Software Switch Driver. Switch Driver can automatically monitor the switch software you are using, and provide the necessary input when a switch is pressed.

Download switch driver (click to go to download link)

Switch Driver manual (PDF download)

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JC Switch connector - USB - JoyCable with Sensory Software ( 1 or 2 switch)

Switch connector - USB - JoyCable with Sensory Software ( 1 or 2 switch)
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