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SimplyWorks Trackball

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SimplyWorks Trackball

The SimplyWorks® TRACKBALL can be used with any SimplyWorks® receivers for computer input, or to control toys and other battery operated appliances. The SimplyWorks® TRACKBALL uses the latest wireless and optical technologies for interference free operation and silky smooth ball movement.  SimplyWorks® is the world's first fully integrated wireless system specifically for users with motor skill difficulties. SimplyWorks® allows you the freedom to create wire-free, single or multi-user learning environments, reducing set up time and allowing you to concentrate on the learning tasks themselves.

The SimplyWorks trackball provides wireless access for computer or toy control through a state-of-the-art radio link.  The operating range exceeds 10 metres. Colour-coded recessed buttons offer left / right and drag lock functions. Switch sockets are available for remote switches for left/ right click. SimplyWorks receiver required.

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SW-TB SimplyWorks Trackball

SimplyWorks wireless trackball from Pretorian (also called IT-Roll via Inclusive Technology)
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