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BigJack PROG

Big Jack is simple to use and to set-up.  It can learn channels from other remote control units such as TV, stereo, heater, fan and toys. In short, suitable for a wide range of controls and anyone who needs large buttons!

BigJack is a simple trainable infra-red transmitter. It can be programmed to control up to 6 functions and uses one to six remote switches to control each function.

It is a large and robust remote control unit to which external control switches can be connected

BigJack learns from other remote controls, for example T.V. and DVD..

It can be programmed, which means that it is possible to "teach"  or "train" it to learn IR codes from other remote control units, such as those used for TVs, videos, stereo units and toys. It is suitable for use by people who have cognitive and motor difficulties, and who require one or several separate control buttons.  For example, a person who when sitting in a chair or lying in bed can access three large switches, could have three functions such as TV ON/OFF, channel UP, channel DOWN, providing simple independent access to the TV.

To use BigJack:

  • Please read the manual (download from the DOWNLOAD link)
  • In order to enter the programming mode, it is necessary to press the programming button (located underneath the unit) with, for example, a pen while at the same time pressing a function button.
  • Different function buttons are used depending on what is to be programmed.
  • You can always press the programming button if you press the wrong button or if something goes wrong with the programming.
  • The programming button functions as a reset button.
  • It is important not to wait too long between the different steps of the programming procedures.
  • BigJack automatically exits from programming mode after a certain period in order to save power.
  • Dimensions:  140 x 100 x 38 mm (L X W X H)
  • Weight with batteries: 280 grams
  • Battery Life: approximately 2 years (based on 200 seconds tranmission per day on GEWAlink channels)
  • Programming Buttons: 6
  • Power: alkaline batteries

BigJack Manual (PDF Download )

Supplied with:

switches not included

Optional extras:

remote switches. For a full range of switches please refer to this section (click to go to SWITCHES)

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G402500 Big Jack PROG

Big Jack prog.
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