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Control PROG

Control Prog is a programmable IR–transmitter adapted for persons with physical disabilities. The transmitter can store codes from other remote controls such as TV, Video, air-conditioner and DVD. 

The Control PROG has been our most popular stand-alone ECU over many years. It offers many functions with reliable operation, durability and reasonable pricing . It has direct pushbutton and scanning access with 1 to 5 function switch/es. There is a maximum of 241 functions over 15 levels. Level 10 is pre-programmed to send commands to a PC. For the Windows control the Access USB interface (part 6632) is required. For computer connection there is a serial cable (part code 425618) or a USB connection (part code 425620).

How it works:

First the Control PROG needs to be set-up with the functions required by the user. Using the existing infra-red remote controls supplied with T. V., VCR etc the functions are trained onto the Control Prog via infra-red transmission. Sequences can be programmed so that the Control PROG will automatically send a series of selections (macro) or manually step through the sequence. Once the required functions are stored on the Control Prog an overlay can be made to display the location of the functions. An example is shown here. A MS Word template is provided with icons and symbols for making overlays.

Access: one of the main reasons for using the Control PROG is because the user requires an alternative to pressing small buttons on a standard remote control. The Control PROG offers a range of alternative accessing options as follows:

  • 12 scanning methods for using one to 5 control switches. The scanning methods include manual linear, automatic linear, automatic row/column, manual row/column, automatic and manual row/column scanning, automatic linear with reverse scan (overscan), turbo scanning. For a full description please download the manual.
  • In scanning mode it is possible to store a customised scan sequence, so that the Control PROG will only scan a selection of pre-determined keys. A different scanning method may be programmed with each sequence. The scanning user can change levels.

Computer Control: The Control PROG can also be used to send commands to a PC. The Control PROG must be connected to the PC either wirelessly or using a cable. Level 10 is pre-programmed with some common functions, as shown in the overlay below.

These functions may also be transferred to other levels. It is possible to control all computer functions from the Control PROG including mouse functions. For the PC control the Access USB interface (part 6632) is required. For computer connection there is a serial cable (part code 425618) or a USB connection (part code 425620).

Mouse scanning is achieved using the Control PROG in two ways. Using a switch/es and scanning the Control PROG can move the mouse in eight directions. Alternatively the mouse can be controlled directly using a joystick connected to the Control PROG. The Access PC interface is required.


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Available for trial under our Equipment Trials: Guided Evaluation scheme.

Dimensions: 134 x 70 x 25 mm
Weight:180 grams (incl batteries)
Power: 4 x AAA alkaline batteries
Battery life: approx. 250 days (100 x scans per day and 100 sec transmitting per day)
Operating force: - membrane keyboard keys =100 grams
Range: 20 - 30 metres

User Manual (PDF Download)

Supplied with

neck strap
keyguard fitted
CD GEWA Control Tool (overlay design and manuals)

Optional Extras:

Computer data cable - USB serial adaptor
Replacement keyguard

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
Standard Package
G425700 Control PROG

Control PROG
Delivery Included in Pricing [Control PROG is a special order item]

$1834 $0.00
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Optional Accessories
G425620 PROG Datacable

Datacable Computer Link up kit - PC adapter USB/Serial - cable from PROG to PC
Delivery Included in Pricing

$238 $0.00
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Replacement Items
425720 Control PROG Keyguard

Keyguard - replacement for Control PROG, black only.
Delivery Included in Pricing

$50 $0.00
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