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Servus 11 Environment Control

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Servus 11 Environment Control


The Servus 10 Controller is a small Windows based tablet computer that provides an interface to take control of your world. Use your preferred access method - touchscreen - voice input - head-tracking - switch / scanning - eye gaze - or other mouse emulation. Running Grid 3 software and with a in-built modules for GEWA Infra-red and Z-Wave environmental controls Servus 10 can provide accessible control of  TV’s, DVD players, plugs, lights, air-conditioning, curtains and more.

Servus Environment Control


The Grid Pad Pro 11 is closest to this product. The main difference is that the Grid Pad Pro 11 has speakers for speech and sound output. 

Take control of your world…

Environment control provides accessibility to control a wide range of devices around the home or other location.

The Servus system can do this in a few ways:

  • A GEWA infra-red controller replaces all the remotes controls that normally operate Television, music centre and other remote equipment.
  • A Z Wave module can also be trained with the commands to control Z-wave compatible devices such as wall socket, light bulbs and so on.

The Servus Environment Control system is made up for specialist hardware, specialist accessories and The Grid 3 interface.

Servus 11 controller

The Servus 11 Environment Control system consists of a compact 11 inch tablet computer running The Grid 3 software.  It's very much like a Grid Pad Pro 11 without the speakers. 

Control everything

The Servus can be used with a wide range of accessories using one of the built in controllers:

A GEWA infra-red controller can capture and replay the signals from virtually any Infa-Red remote control handset. This is the way to control TV sets, music centres and other similar systems.
It can also be used with anything else that has an infra-red remote, such as many motorised curtain tracks or air conditioner units.

Z-Wave is an alternative that works in a similar way. Other devices linked to your network can also be controlled by Servus. 

Access options

Because it is based on The Grid 3, the Servus tablet can be controlled by touch, switches (with a wireless switch option), voice, head-tracking, or any other USB input device.

Mounting options

The Servus tablet comes with a  with a mounting plate for either the Daessy or Rehadapt systems.


Setting up the Servus is very easy! You can do a lot of environment control programming with any infra-red or Z-wave device.

Use the power of Grid 3 to customise pages as required.

A comprehensive set of SERVUS grid sets are provided, but all can be changed as needed.

The images here show a small selection the Grid 3 SERVUS grid pages. 

The Grid 3 can be downloaded for a 60 day trial and the SERVUS grid sets are readily available. 

Servus Music Grid Page

Servus TV grid page

Servus (series 2) specifications

Operating system -  Windows 10
Software  - Grid 3
Processor -  Intel® Core™ M-5Y10c CPU 1.9GHz
Memory -  4GB
Hard drive  - 120GB
Video card -  Intel® HD Graphics
Dimensions  - (mm) 310 (L) x 200 (W) x 17 (D)
Dimensions  - (inches) 12.2 (L) x 7.8 (W) x 0.8 (D)
Weight (kg)  - 1.5 kg
Battery life  - Up to 6hrs 20 mins
Tablet camera  - 2MP front, 5MP rear
Screen  - 11.6" 1080 HD display
Access Touchscreen, switch, USB input
Connectivity Wi-fi, bluetooth
Ports 2 x USB2.0, speaker out, Micro SD, mini HDMI, Auditory feedback socket
Buttons Power,  volume
Switch access 2 x 3.5mm jacks, radio switch available 
Case - Fujitsu Q665 Stylistic TPU Tough Case
Mounting plate  - Rehadapt and Daessy compatible 
Environment control  - Servus inside - Gewa,  and Z-wave, radio switch receiver
Wheelchair mounting  - REHAdapt and Daessy plate with table stand
Warranty 2 years  - manufacturer limited warranty included 

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
clamponmount REHAdapt Clamp-on-Mount

Clamp-on-mount from Rehadapt.  Versatile, durable with super clamp.
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$925 $0.00
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PB-TAK Accessories-transit KIT only

Accessories-transit KIT including external keyboard, with mouse, memory stick and suitable aluminium transit case.  For Grid Pads, Servus and PowerBox MOTION.
Delivery price included.

$568 $0.00
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