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Intelligaze: Starter Edition

The Starter Edition IntelliGaze eye gaze camera provides mouse control for interactive learning and entry level computer access. Ideal for classrooms. Upgradeable camera
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IntelliGaze: Communication Edition

The high quality, accurate and upgradeable Communication Edition IntelliGaze eye gaze camera providing mouse control AND integration into AAC software for devices and computers.
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Tellus 5 IntelliGaze

The next generation Tellus 5 IntelliGaze. Computer power to meet communication and mainstream software use. IntelliGaze 360 integrated with AAC software and with Alea Desktop V2.0.
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Eye Gaze Packages for Schools

Set-up eye gaze systems for early learning and beyond. Computer access using eye gaze control with software designed to develop eye gaze skills, and later for computer access.
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All-In-One with Eye Gaze

Eye Gaze on this powerful large format, mains-powered computer with a choice or eye gaze camera, offers options for novices to advanced computer users.
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Grid Pad EYE 13

The perfect size display for eye gaze at an affordable price. The Grid Pad EYE 13 with hot swappable batteries is a based on a versatile, slim-line industrial tablet.
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Sahara IntelliGaze

Powerful Windows tablets with IntelliGaze for computer use. Interactive Learning through to full computer control.
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Grid Pad EYE 11 - with EyeTech TM5 or IntelliGaze

The best value eye gaze system with the latest Windows 10 tablet, all ready to use as an accessible tablet for communication and computer access. LIMITED STOCK
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Eyetech TM5 mini

An eye-gaze camera that is robust, easy to use and fits to your communication device, or computer.
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Intelligaze 360

Intelligaze camera from Germany. A sophisticated system with a high tracking rate and excellent working range. The Intelligaze 360 includes the Starter & Communication Editions.
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Choosing an eye gaze camera: our guide

Which eye gaze camera is most suitable for an individual, for an application or for a school or organisation?
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