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I own Grid 2 > Why move to grid 3 & upgrade options.

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I own Grid 2 > Why move to grid 3 & upgrade options.

Grid 2 owners may wish to move to Grid 3.

The special upgrade price offer has now finished, so purchase of the Grid 3 license is the pathway now.

If you have licenses to add-ons such as PODD, this license does not need to be purchased again for Grid 3.

PCS and Acapela voices (child and adult) are included in Grid 3.

Grid 3 has many new features and advantages and Grid 2 owners may wish to consider upgrading.

The most common question from Grid 2 aficionados is "what a the differences and should I upgrade?"

Here is our summary of our response in a chart:

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If you move to Grid 3 - any additional elements you have licensed such as PODD, PCS or Acapela child voices will transfer to Grid 3.

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
G3-AU The Grid 3 Australian

Grid 3 with standard symbol libraries. (Single user)  Supplied with boxed Instruction Cards and “Getting Started” guide.
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$1013 $0.00
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