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APPlicator is a switch access device specifically designed for the iPad/iPhone/iPod using wireless Bluetooth connectivity.  This single device provides access to both iOS7 scanning and switch adapted apps.direct access to music controls as well as the ability to be configured as switch access to the camera. Specifically designed around users’ needs, APPlicator is simple to set up and use, and loaded with features to cater for all requirements. Exciting New Features with iOS 7: scan using the new switch control feature; added switch function > 'Home'.

APPlicator,by Pretorian Technologies, provides easy switch access to the Switch Accessible Apps, and iOS7 scanning capability on iPad and iPhone, also media access to iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Specifically designed around user needs, APPlicator is simple to set-up and use, but loaded with features.

How it works

  • Pair APPlicator with your iPad® by selecting it in the Bluetooth menu (no PIN entry required)
  • Connect any wired switches to one or more of the four, programmable, switch inputs.
  • Using the built-in display, select the function of each switch from the choice of 24 mouse/keyboard commands.
  • For data entry press the virtual keyboard button to deploy the on-screen keyboard

Accessing your Music Playlist

Press the Quick Media button for preconfigured access to play/pause, skip forward and back and Timed Play (10 seconds)
For more auditory functions use the built-in display to select from play/pause, skip forward, skip back, volume adjustment, timed play and mute.
Use up to four switches for faster access.
Play music in timed-duration mode to add interest and inspiration

Size:  90mm x 64mm x 18mm
Connections: four x 3.5 mm sockets for wired switches
Connection to device:  Bluetooth
Power: rechargeable lithium-ion battery 
Operating Range: 20 metres

APPlicator is compatible with the following Apple products:

  • iPad - all models
  • iPod Touch 3rd Generation onwards
  • iPhone 3GS onwards

Applicator: User Guide (PDF download)

Using Applicator with Switch Control in iOS7, by Pretorian (link to video)

Configuring Applicator for Switch Control: Manual Scanning, by Pretorian  (link to video)

Configuring Applicator for Switch Control: Auto Scanning, by Pretorian (link to video)

Home function in Switch Control by Pretorian  (link to video)


How to check your APPLICATOR Please do this before contacting Zyteq to report problems. (PDF DOWNLOAD)

Supplied with:

  • Mini USB charging cable
  • Instructions

Switch/es not included.

Switches available from Zyteq (click to open Zyteq web page)

Will the APPlicator work with Android tablets?

Android tablets vary enormously in specification so compatibility with these products is dependent upon the specific tablet. Please contact Pretorian Technologies or Zyteq for guidance.


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APPlicator APPlicator

Switch interface providing access to Switch Accessible Apps on iPad and iPhone, also media access to iPad, iPhone and iPod
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