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Bluetooth Speakers

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Bluetooth Speakers

The Bluetooth speakers are a low cost way to amplify the sound from an iPad, Iphone, iPod Touch or other device with Bluetooth connectivity. 

Jabra Buetooth Speaker

The Jabra Bluetooth speaker is a low cost way to amplify the sound from an iPad, Iphone, iPod Touch or other device with Bluetooth connectivity.  The speaker can be positioned in almost any position such as hooked onto clothing at the neckline, hung around the neck on a lanyard or attached to a carry strap.  It is light-weight and has internal rechargable batteries, which are charged via USB connection to a computer. In some instances the first segment of speech may not be audible, if the speaker is "waking up".  [While stock lasts - NOW SOLD OUT]

Jabra Bluetooth Speaker Instructions (PDF download)

Bluetooth Speaker for Grid Pad Go

The Smartbox Bluetooth Speaker provides excellent speech output. The lightweight device is both rugged and splash proof. An integrated clip is designed to be attached to included strap or lanyard, ready to wear around your neck. By wearing the speaking around the neck, the voice will come from the person rather than the computer, creating a more natural communication experience.



Voombox-Travel Wearable Speaker

The Voombox-Travel Wearable Speaker is perfect for tablet and mobile phone users on the go. The wire free Bluetooth connection, rugged design that protects against impact and moisture, and included shoulder strap and carabiner make this the perfect mobile companion for any user.  Please check the weight - 312 kg may be heavy for you.  This is a substantial speaker. 

Up to 6-hours of play time
Internal rechargeable battery
Requires Bluetooth 4.0 connection
Output Power: 4W
Dimensions: 90-mm L x 90-mm W x 45-mm H (3.6-in L x 3.6-in W x 1.8-in H)
Weight: 312-g (11-oz)

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80000064 Voombox-Travel Wearable Speaker

Voombox-Travel Wearable Speaker [delivery price included] [special order]

$185 $0.00
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BBTX-BTS Boombotix mini - Bluetooth Speaker - Black - replacement item

BlueTooth Speaker for Bobcat - BoomBotix Black.  Supplied with Bobcat, but available as replacement or separate item.  Price includes delivery by post, handling and packaging.

$222 $0.00
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