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Clamp-on-mount by REHAdapt

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Clamp-on-mount by REHAdapt

The REHAdapt ClampOnMount is an aluminium mount designed to be attach devices, tablets and systems to furniture and tables. It offers a longer accessability range because of its extra tubing and joint. The ClampOnMount is secured to a flat surface via the included Manfrotto Super-Clamp, and is extremely sturdy and versatile. 

The ClampOnMount is completely adjustable in all dimensions making it possible to position the device anywhere it is needed. At every joint is a "ratchet-style“ handle used to easily adjust its position without the use of tools. Supports up to 12 lbs. (5,4 kg).

Supports up to 5.45 kgs

Instructions (PDF download)

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
clamponmount REHAdapt Clamp-on-Mount

Clamp-on-mount from Rehadapt.  Versatile, durable with super clamp.
Delivery Prices Included

$925 $0.00
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DA-VESA100 Rehadapt Mount Plate - VESA 100 X 100

Metal plate to marry Rehdapt mount with VESA mount points found on the rear of your tablet device or mount bracket.
Delivery Included in Pricing

$193 $0.00
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REHAdapt tablet holders
R-SP4-EG REHAdapt Surface Pro 4 holder with eye gaze plate

REHAdapt cradle for Surface PRO 4 with mount plate for eye gaze cameras.  Compatible with Alea CAM30NT and EyeTech TM5 mini.  Price includes delivery.

$430 $0.00
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16.1220+16.1193 Rehadapt Universal Tablet Holder with eyegaze plate

Rehadapt Universal tablet holder for tablets 7”-13” with or without protective cases.  Includes eye gaze bracket to mount Alea or TM5 mini.  Delivery included in pricing.

$475.00 $0.00
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16.1220 Rehadapt Universal Tablet Holder

Rehadapt Universal tablet holder for tablets 7”-13” with or without protective cases.  Does not include eye gaze holder.  Delivery included in pricing.

$360.0 $0.00
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REHAdapt Device Socket
16.1051 REHAdapt UDS-2-DC

REHAdapt Universal Device Socket.  Adaptor hub with 2 levers.

$525 $0.00
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