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Daessy Vertical Desk Stand

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Daessy Vertical Desk Stand

The Vertical Desk Stand from DAESSY provides a solution for larger devices requiring higher placement to use on a desk or table surface. The Articulating Quick Release Base, which connects to the tablet or device, is included as standard and allows infinite adjustment of the angle and rotation. The Articulating Quick Release Base position can be set anywhere along the vertical tube for height adjustment.

Daessy Vertical Desk Stand, with articulating quick release base and one quick handle; for any device with a compatible quick release mount plate.
Especially suited to speech generating systems with eye-control systems, such as the Tellus 4 Intelligaze and Mobi 2 Intelligaze.

Weight: 2.05 kgs

Supplied standard with:

  • 16 inch upright rod
  • articulating quick release base
  • one quick handle


  • a longer upright pole can be added
  • an additional quick handle for the articulating quick release base ( as pictured)
  • small face articulating quick release base
  • please request a quote for these options.

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
Daessy-VDS1 Daessy vertical desk stand

Daessy vertical desk stand with Articulating Quick Release Base and two Quick Handles.  (Special order).
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$818 $0.00
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Daessy-VDS1-SQRB Daessy vertical desk stand w/small quick release base

Daessy vertical desk stand w/small quick release base, suitable for Mobi 2, Mobi 2 IntelliGaze, Zingui. (special order)
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$818 $0.00
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Options - add or request quote to substitute

Daessy mount plate - Articulating Quick Release Base (small face) with levers
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$443 $0.00
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