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Desk Mount by Daessy

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Desk Mount by Daessy

The Daessy Desk Mount provides a stable and sturdy base to position a device or tablet on a desk or table at the desired orientation.  It is most commonly used in conjunction with one of the DAESSY wheelchair Mounts as the device can be removed from one mount using the quick release system, and repositioned on the other mount in the same oreientation. The Desk Mount consists of a base and U-shaped tube that holds the attachment fitting for the device on its adapter.

The Desk Mount positions devices on desks or flat surfaces. The included Quick Release Base allows for device transfer between the wheelchair mount and a table.

The image above shows the desk mount with PowerBox MOTION access.

The Desk Mount consists of a sturdy base with four rubber feet to prevent slipping and U-shaped tube, or U-tube, that holds the Quick Release Base.  This quick release mechanism interfaces with the DAESSY Adapter plate that is attached to the AAC device.  In this way, the device can be quickly changed from wheelchair mount to the Desk Mount.

The Quick Release Base can be adjusted for angle around the U-tube and the U-tube iteslef can be adjusted at the base.  Adjustments are performed with an Allen key, which is included with the mount.

The Large Base version is a variation of the standard Desk Mount with wider base for stability when using large and/or heavy devices. It offers greater stability and higher reach for large devices or Eye Gaze systems.

The DAESSY Desk Mount is most commonly used in conjunction with one of the DAESSY wheelchair Mounts and allows an AAC device, tablet or laptop computer to be positioned on a desk or table at precisely the same orientation as it is on the wheelchair.

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DDM Daessy desk mount

Daessy desk mount
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