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TS-XL TableStand by REHAdapt

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TS-XL TableStand by REHAdapt

A aluminium lightweight desk top mounting system. It has an X-formed frame with automatic levelling for uneven surfaces. This ensures a very sturdy mounting solution for all types of devices. It is especially suitable for eye control and larger devices for example Grid Pad EYE 13, Mobi 2 IntelliGaze, Tellus 5 and Tellus 5 Intelligaze.

A light-weight German-made, aluminium table-stand mount most suited for speech generating devices with eye-gaze systems.  A sturdy and versatile mounting solution which can be easily adjusted.  The adjustability of this mounts permits the elevation of relatively heavy devices to the position required for eye control. 


  • Integrated anti-tip function
  • Automatic alignment of feet for secure positioning on uneven surfaces
  • Can be folded for portability or freighting
  • in-built levers for adjustment; hex keys are not required.
  • Easily moved from one surface to another without the need to un-clamp.
  • Height adjustable between 5mm and 500mm (TX-XL)
  • very useful for clinical application as the adjustments can be made quickly and easily for set-up between different individuals.
  • device requires a compatible mount plate; and then easily slides into the bracket, secured by a spring-loaded pin.
  • Suports weights of up to 8 kgs.

Instructions (PDF download)

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TS-XL REHAdapt Table Stand mount TS-XL (5 to 500 mm)

REHAdapt Table Stand mount TS-XL (5 to 500 mm)
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11.1120 Mount plate adaptor

Mount - plate adaptor DA-Canadian (adapts Daessy quick release to Rehadapt)
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$195 $0.00
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