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Grid 3 and GridPlayer: Download Guide

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Grid 3 and GridPlayer: Download Guide

Download Guide: Grid 2 for Windows computers can be downloaded for a FREE 60 day trial.  GridPlayer is a FREE app for iPad.

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Grid Player & The Grid 3

Download the Grid 3 to Windows computers:

Read more about The Grid 3 below.


Grid Player is a free App for the ipad, iPhone or iPod Touch.

  • It is downloaded from the iTunes store.

The Grid 2 is a Windows program and can be downloaded from the link below.



Grid  Player

Once downloaded you can use the free grid sets on the iPad.

Grid Player is downloaded via iTunes

To make any changes or customisations to the Grid Player grid sets, a LICENCED version of The Grid 2 is required.

You can think of the Grid 2 as the "parent" program to Grid Player.  Grid Player only  "plays" grids. 

You can continue using the Grid Player grid sets as long as you wish but there are some points to note as follows:

  • The App is dedicated to communication and doesn’t include many of the more advanced commands from The Grid 2.
  • The free Grid Sets do not include keyboards for typing text.  These can be downloaded via a licensed copy of The Grid 2 from a Windows computer.
  • There is a manual for Grid Player and it is required to understand the functionality of Grid Player.  Please download it and read it.
  • If you want to use your own grids in Grid Player, you need to sign in to your Online Grids account from within The Grid 2 by selecting Log In on a Windows computer.
  • customised grids are transferred from the Windows computer to the iPad via Sensory Software's cloud.
  • Some features of The Grid 2 are not available for Grid Player.
  • in The Grid 2 - select TOOLS > Compatibility Mode and make changes under the MONITORS tab so that screen sizes are adjusted when grids are transferred
  • in Grid 2 run the Compatibility REPORT for a grid set to check which functions will work on the iPad and which are not compatible
  • Grid Player supports Word list auto content – for grids with lots of words; Prediction auto content – suggest words as you type; Self-closing grids – grids that jump back after you select a cell
  • Grid Player does not support third party add-ons and licensed elements such as Picture Communication Symbols (PCS), Australian Realspeak, premium Grid Sets such as PODD15.
  • Grid Player does not support morphology, calculator functions, some image formats, and other complex functions.
  • The iPad does not permit multi-tasking so accessing internet, email, YouTube, Facebook and so on through Grid Player is not possible. To achieve this please use a Windows computer such as Powerbox MOTION, Powerbox 7, Tellus 4 or Mobi 2 and The Grid 2

Grid Player on the iPad or iPhone can enable an immediate start in Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC). 

Grid Player can be used to achieve the following:

  • a Speech Pathologist or family member, teacher or carer can demonstrate the concept of a Speech Generating Device to a potential AAC user 
  • the person can try a touch screen and explore changing pages, locating messages, understanding symbols, category/branching message storage,  
  • use the Grid Player app as a temporary AAC system
  • use the iPad and Grid Player as a trial system to compare with other systems to be trialled
  • introduce the iPad as a 'stepping stone' to Speech Generating Devices.
  • make use of the stored messages as part of Speech Therapy
  • work out the most suitable features of pictures and symbols and cells for the user e.g. foreground/background colour, size, spacing, symbol discrimination and meaning.
  • for touchscreen access the iPad can be used to explore the user's range of movement, easy-to-access areas, force available to make selections and other accessing issues.  This can be compared with the Grid Player on the iPhone which has a much smaller display size.
  • the device can be used to explore mounting or portability requirements.
  • the Grid Player on the iPad can be used 

Your account:

You will be asked to make an account once Grid Player is downloaded.

This account is private and no-one else can view it.

This can be accessed at  www.grids.sensorysoftware.com, where you can do the following:

  • see what devices are linked to your account
  • delete grid sets
  • select a device to view the grid sets it has on Grid Player

Grid  Player can be used as follows:

  • You can connect up to three devices to your account.
  • You can upload up to 10 grid sets to your account.
  • Each grid set can contain up to 350 grids (or pages).
  • The total size of the grid set must not exceed 100mb, and no file may be larger than 10mb (for example an image).

The Grid 2

The Grid 2 is a comprehensive and sophisticated program for windows computers, including our Speech Generating device tablets: the Grid Pad family of devices, Tellus 5,  Tellus 5 Intelligaze, Mobi 2 Intelligaze and Mobi 2.

To download Grid 2 please do so on a Windows computer using the following link:

The Grid 2 is required for customising grid sets to use on Grid Player.  The FREE download/trial however cannot be used for this purpose.  A licensed version must be owned for use with Grid Player.  

To read about The Grid 2 please go to...The Grid 2 at Zyteq.

Sensory Software Online grids can be accessed at:  Online GRIDS

This is a different and separate system to the Grid  Player account.

If you make an account you can share your grids by uploading them to the Online accounts.

Grid 2 can be used to achieve the following right away:

  • customise grids to transfer to Grid Player oniPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or PapooTouch
  • customise grids in preparation for a trial of a Speech Generating Device which uses the Grid 2
  • introduce a client to Grid 2 and explore the concepts he or she may use for communication, computer control or environment control
  • use The Grid 2 for communication on a consumer tablet or laptop or desktop computer
  • install The Grid 2 on a family or therapy computer as a back up to a client's speech generating device.
  • the trial version of Grid 2 is fully functioning.  As any key or mouse click can be used as a switch, scanning can be introduced even if the right switch is not yet in place.
  • update and prepare grids for a client who is using the Grid on a speech generating device.

Grid Player manual (PDF download)

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