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Look to Learn (and Scenes & Sounds)

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Look to Learn (and Scenes & Sounds)

Look to Learn software to introduce eye gaze.  Graded activities, workbook and analysis.

Look to Learn now consists of a software package with 40 activities designed for people starting out with eye gaze technology, and an optional expansion pack of 26 activities, Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds . The activities have been specially created to provide a fun way to develop and improve eye gaze access. Each activity develops a different skill, ranging from early cause and effect through to accurate eye gaze control. The software has been created in consultation with teachers and therapists and provides tools needed for assessment.
Most of all, Look to Learn is designed to be motivating and fun!

Try it now

The Look to Learn software can be downloaded from our website, and will give you access to three of the games. Once you have purchased the software and been issued with a license code you will have access to all 40 games.

Look to Learn Scenes and Sounds can also be downloaded providing 4 FREE activities. (Please go to DETAILS tab) Both Look to Learn suites can be downloaded together.

Five Areas of Learning

The 40 Look to Learn activities that have been split into five key areas of learning and development:

  1. Sensory - Designed to teach cause and effect
  2. Explore - Encourages the user to engage with the whole screen
  3. Target - Helps improve accuracy of eye gaze access
  4. Choose - Develops choice making skills; making a selection
  5. Control - Fine tunes eye gaze access

Three Additional Activity Categories in "Scenes and Sounds"

The 26 acitvities in the Look to learn Scenes and Sounds expansion pack include:

  1. Scenes: full-screen interactive scenes encourage exploration and focus
  2. Sounds: perform, making music and sounds.
  3. Skills: further develop eye gaze access in activities requiring dwell-click.


Look to Learn provides a progression from early cause and effect activities right through to choice making and game playing. We suggest that communication software such as The Grid 2 and literacy development software are used in conjunction with Look to Learn.

Customised For You!

Many of the activities can be customised to include your favourite images or videos. Get creative and have some fun!


Look to Learn has been created in conjunction with teachers and therapists to provide a tool for assessment:
Eye tracking – where on the screen is the user looking? Are they engaged with appropriate content?
Targeting – learn to find targets and fix your gaze on it.
Choice making – introduce early choice making in preparation for AAC


The built in analysis tool shows where somebody has looked on the screen during an activity in the form of a heat map. Heat maps can be saved, printed off and used to measure progress and record successes.

Look to Learn Scenes and Sounds

Look to Learn Scenes and Sounds can be added to the existing Look to Learn base suite. 

There are 2 ways to obtain Look to Learn Scenes and Sounds:

  1. upgrade your exisiting Look to Learn
  2. purchase both suites together

You need a licensed Look to Learn suite before being able to add Scenes and Sounds.

Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds is a collection of 26 activities designed for children and adults starting out with eye gaze. Available as an expansion pack for Look to Learn, this software focuses on interactive scenes, music and sound as well as eye gaze skills activities. As with Look to Learn, each activity is designed to develop a different skill required for eye gaze access. With customisable content and a built in analysis stool, your will soon discover the true potential of the user.

Watch the video to see how the games work. A simple mouse cursor shows how responsiveness of the characters.

Using eye gaze, this would usually be set to a larger red dot.  


Free activities

Why not try Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds today? Download using the link below and receive 4 activities for FREE.Look to Learn and Look to Learn: Scenes and Sounds can now be downloaded together.

Look to Learn manual (PDF download)

Look to Learn workbook (PDF download)

Look to Learn Scenes and Sounds manual (PDF download)

LOOK TO LEARN: problem with launching after Windows update

The issue is most likely from the Windows 10 anniversary update, to fix it there are 2 options:

-  Reinstall Look to Learn from the online installer (This is most straight forward)
- Run a command prompt window as admin and copy and paste in:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Sensory Software\ssUtils\ssLicenceManagerOOPa.exe" /regserver    (This its a faster process.)

Converting Videos to use in Look to Learn Video Wall

Try the program "Any Video COnverter" to convert videos to the requireed flv version.

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
Complete Set
Look2-1+L2LS&S-1 Look to Learn WITH Scenes and Sounds (single user)

Look to Learn WITH Look to Learn Scenes and Sounds
Delivery Prices Included

$933 $0.00
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Individual Titles
Look2-1 Look to Learn software license (single user)

Look to Learn software suite license, with DVD. (single user)
Delivery Prices Included

$628 $0.00
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L2LS&S-1 Look to Learn: Scenes & Sounds (single user)

add Look to Learn Scenes and Sounds - upgrade expansion pack (single user) (requires Look to Learn - not included)
Delivery Prices Included

$393 $0.00
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Look2-1-USB Look to Learn software license (single user on USB)

Look to Learn software suite license. (single user on USB) [special order]

$628 $0.00
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