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Picture Communication Symbols PCS

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Picture Communication Symbols PCS

Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) by Mayer Johnson, are a widely used symbol library containing thousands of vocab items.

PCS are often called Boardmaker symbols as this is the well-known program used to make low tech aids.

PCS symbol library can be added to Grid 3, Grid 2 and Mind Express 4, so that the thousands of symbols are integrated into these AAC programs for use in displays.

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PCS PCS Library

PCS symbol library for Grid 3, Grid 2 and Mind Express 4.  Please note the Grid 2 and 3 PCS license works for both these programs.  The PCS license for Mind Express 4 is a different product.

$273 $0.00
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PODD 15 with PODD 60, all grid sets.

$465.00 $0.00
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