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PODD for Grid 3 (and Grid 2)

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PODD for Grid 3 (and Grid 2)

PODD is a world reknown AAC system in low tech and high tech formats.  The Grid 3 and Grid 2 PODD grid sets are available in 12 versions including layouts for eye gaze.  Save yourself hours of programming by starting with The Grid 2 or Grid 3 and PODD15 and PODD60 to complement the low tech PODD books.  This PODD grid set PODD 15 parallels the low tech 12, 16 and 20 cell expanded functions low tech PODDs and uses Picture Communiaciton Symbols (PCS). PODD60 is for the more advanced language user.  It can be supplied as software for any Windows based tablet, notebook or computer or installed on one of our AAC devices. 

  • PODD 60 Grid Sets are available for Grid 2 and also for Grid 3!
  • PODD15 was the first commercially available grid set for AAC software based on the Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display communication book system, by Gayle Porter.
  • In collaboration with Zyteq, PODD60 is also available.
  • This includes eye gaze layouts as well as the direct access Extended Keyword and Complex versions.
  • If you already own a licensed PODD15 it is just a matter of installing the new grid sets for Grid 2 & 3, and all PODD15 and PODD60 grid sets will be licensed and available.
  • If you purchase a PODD licenses for Grid 2 or 3 - it will now include all PODD grid sets. There are 12 grid sets in the PODD grid sets now!

What is PODD?

Pragmatic Organisation Dynamic Display (PODD) is ‘a method and tool for developing and utilising augmented language input’.  Porter, G. & Cafiero, J.M. 2009. The PODD by Gayle Porter, is currently supplied as resources and templates to develop low tech communication books, through the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre (CPEC). The PODD is so much more than a communication book. here are currently 14 versions of the communication books that vary in complexity and language level.  Underlying the PODD are a number of principles which are integral to the system.  Smart partner, pragmatic functions, pragmatic branching, expanding vocabulary and colour coding are just some of these principles.  Strategies are embedded in the design of  the pages for example, space to expand vocabulary, the pragmatic categories and branching,  and possibility to customise vocabulary. Other strategies involve the smart partner and the context of the communication. The PODD is becoming known all around the world as it offers the augmented communicator a system for functional, genuine communication which expands and develops in an ongoing way.  It is used by children of all ages and adults with the relevant language level.

The PODD 15 and 60 grid sets for The Grid 2

This grid set is based on the paper templates for the communication book.  It parallels the one-page PODDs with expanded functions.  It will not be suitable for people already using the more complex PODDs.  The development has been checked, modified and amended at every step by Gayle Porter.  We have transferred one style of PODD into the format of The Grid 2, with the necessary changes to adapt it to electronic application.  This PODD, the PODD 15 is similar to the low tech single page PODDS with expanded functions.  Due to the inherent differences between using a low tech system with a smart partner, and a PODD on a speech generating device, this PODD 15 parallels the low tech 12, 16 and 20 cell expanded functions low tech PODDs. 

How it works:

The Grid 2 and Grid 3 are the programs which runs on windows computers (Windows Win 7 and Win 8)
You need The Grid 2 or Grid 3 and (Picture Communiaciton Symbols (PCS to be installed on the computer first.
The computer can be a speech generating device with a windows operating system, such as Grid PadsPowerBox MOTION or PowerBox MOTION Access, Tellus 5, Tellus 5 Intellifgaze, Mobi 2 and Mobi 2 IntelliGaze or other tablet, notebook or desktop computer.
The computer must be running a full windows operating system; not a mobile platform.
The Grid 2 uses grid sets which are obtained in a number of ways.  A selection of free grid sets is supplied on a CD when The Grid 2 is supplied.  Further free grid sets can be downloaded from Sensory Software’s online grids.  Some grid sets are licensed and attract an additional cost.  These grid sets have been authored by skilled third parties, and so royalties are paid.
The PODD 15 is a grid set for The Grid 2, which is based on the low tech communication books developed by Gayle Porter.  This is a licensed grid set which will attract a fee.  Provisionally we can say that this will be in the vicinity of the existing grid set fees.
The PODD 15 users Picture Communication Symbols (PCS), to provide continuity from the low tech books.  Picture Communication Symbols (PCS) is an additional symbol library from a third party supplier (Mayer Johnson) which also attracts a fee.  The Grid 2 is supplied with SymbolStix and Widgit symbol libraries, which are included at no additional cost.  You will have access to these libraries through The Grid 2, and any additional images you wish to import.  The PODD 15 has been designed to use PCS only.


The Grid 2 and Grid 3 are available in a demo format, which will run for 60 days unlicensed.
If you wish to continue using The Grid 2 or 3 after the 60 days a licence will need to be purchased.
General grid sets will be available ongoing with a licensed Grid 2 or 3.

The PODD 15 and 60 is a premium licensed grid set, which is also available in demo format which will run for 60 days.

To use this after the 60 day period a licence will need to be purchased.
PCS will also be required and must be purchased to use the symbols within the PODD 15 is intended in the design.
The Grid 2 or 3and the existing grid sets are readily available.
The PODD 15 (Australian version) is available.  

The Grid 2 or 3 (60 day trial) can be downloaded.  Please go to our Download  Guide (click to go to webpage).

The PODD15 and 60 can also be trialled for 60 days.

*  PODD 15 and 60  is NOT available for the iPad.  The Grid Player cannot play THE PODD.  The use of the iPad with the Grid 2 is quite separate from the PODD 15.  Please see the information about Grid Player to understand more about it.

 PODD15 user guide (PDF Download)

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST

PODD Grid sets for Grid 3 (PODD15 and 60 - all grid set layouts) Delivery price included.

$465.00 $0.00
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G2-PODD15 PODD15 and PODD60 grid sets single user license

PODD15 and PODD60 grid sets single user license (the Grid 2 and Grid 3 and PCS required, and not included)

$465 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
G2-1-PCS-PODD15-ACAP Grid 2, PODD15, PCSand Acapela Australian Child voices

The Grid 2 with Widgit Symbol Library, Acapela Australian adult voices (Tyler and Lisa) and Australian child voices (Olivia and Liam) with PODD15 (single user)

$1575 $0.00
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