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SprintPlus is a software program that reads text aloud. It helps children, students and adults to improve their reading and writing skills. A pleasant reading voice provides auditory feedback allowing mistakes in written text to be more readily identified. Ideal for teachers and speech therapists, SprintPlus is a superb tool for preparing tests, exercises and lessons.


SprintPlus is software for Windows computers with several components and many features.

  • It is a talking word processor for txt and rtf documents.
  • The “talking” feature can be used in other programs, for example for email.
  • It is a writing program with auditory feedback by character, word or at punctuation.
  • MS Word documents can feature the SprintPlus toolbar so that all features are available in MS Word.
  • SprintPDF is for PDF documents with many features to deal with columns, images and titles.


SprintPlus assists children, young students and adults with reading, writing and spelling.  Thanks to our speech and language technology you can listen to any available text on your computer.  SprintPlus can read text out loud as it is being entered, and much more.

SprintPlus evolves with the user's needs. It is a very helpful tool for young as well as adult readers. It has proven its efficiency in the field of education, from primary and secondary through to higher education. SprintPlus can also be a useful tool when learning a foreign language.

SprintPlus has as its foundation a simple word processor.  Typed text can be read in a variety of ways.  All necessary functions are available: save, print, print preview, cut, paste, formatting, new document, close and exit.  The extra functions are the many SPEECH functions including: voice settings (change speed,  volume,  length of pauses after words or sentences,  speak while typing (character/word/punctuation/enter),  speak while typing in other applications,  read copied or cut text (clip-board reader) and you can also type a sentence to be read on computer START-UP.  The speech output can be stopped or paused, a word can be read syllable-by-syllable, 

Extra functions are:

- highlight homophones,  edit homophones,  spell checker in which you can chose auditory feedback,  four coloured markers permit different words to be highlighted which can be saved as a summary.   The ‘summary’ function could also generate a word list if selected words are highlighted rather than entire sentences.   The text can be recorded as it is read aloud and saved as an MP3 for later use.  Many literacy activities can be generated through the use of these features.

Text  copied from a document can be read aloud; words sounded out by syllable and text highlighted as shown below.

Highlight words, and SprintPlus will make a word list.

  • Reads word by word, line by line or sentence by sentence
  • Vary reading speed
  • Adjust pronunciations
  • Visual highlighting
  • Phonetic spelling
  • Audible feedback while typing
  • Homophone detection and explanation
  • Save text as a sound file
  • MP3 recordings of the text for later use
  • Direct use of Sprint in MS Word
  • MS Word tool bar
  • Reads texts on the Internet with the Sprinter tool
  • Read and fill in digital schoolbooks
  • Reads of PDF documents, PDF books, Digital newspapers, etc.
  • Fill in PDF documents
  • Print to PDF


The PDF reading facilities are particularly well developed as this in Belgium most education resources are in PDF format.   Simply open a PDF document and make any selections required, for example,  select regions NOT to be read; select reading order for sections.
Specifications:   Sprint Plus is a Windows program, compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit Windows platforms. Note that the Sprint Plus toolbar is not compatible with Microsoft Word 2010 64-bit version. It is recommended to use a Microsoft Word 2010 32-bit version on a Windows 64-bit platform.
Licenses:  A single user license can be installed on two computers, intended for the same user.  It is possible to transfer a fixed license from one computer to another, by first removing the license from computer #1 and then installing it on computer #2.
5-user licenses and network licenses are also available.  Sprinto Plus is a USB version of Sprint Plus. Sprinto Plus is a portable license which can be used on any Windows computer, whenever and wherever you want.  SprintPlus and SprintoPlus have identical features. The only difference lies in that SprintPlus is fixed installation on one or two computers, whereas SprintoPlus is a portable version on a USB stick, which can be used on any computer.  Free updates are available if the computer is connected to the internet.  An “update” command is available in the program.

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
SP-1-DVD Sprint Plus - 1 user - DVD

Sprint Plus software on DVD

$285 $0.00
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SP-1-USB SprintPlus - 1 user - USB

Sprint Plus on USB

$285 $0.00
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SP-OCR SprintPlus - OCR add-on

Add OCR (optical character recognition) to SprintPlus

$192 $0.00
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