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BJ Wobble Switch

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BJ Wobble Switch

Activate the switch in any direction. This switch consists of a padded bar 11 cm long that can be moved in any direction. The wand is specially designed for people with limited movement control. 

​The woble switch is designed so that it can move in a variety of directions specifically for people with limited movement. The output of this switch is activated by moving the bar in any direction or pressing it down, and returns to ts original position when the pressure stops without bouncing. The auditory click feedback notifies users that the switch has been activated. 

  • Rod length: 11 cm
  • Output: 1,7 m cable with 3.5 mm mono jack plug.
  • Size(excluding rod): 72x30x30 mm
  • Attachment screw: 1/4 inch, Whitworth threads
  • Feedback: Auditory click

User's Guide: [PDF DOWNLOAD]

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BJ-106 BJ - Wobble switch

BJ - Wobble switch (Delivery included)

$165 $0.00
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Mounting Arm
10043000 Latitude Arm with Super Clamp

Latitude mounting arm with Super Clamp base.  Does not include mount plate kit for Ablenet switches.  (Delivery included)

$504 $0.00
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