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Little Candy Corn Proximity Switch

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Little Candy Corn Proximity Switch

The Candy Corn proximity sensor switch is highly sensitive and does not require a physical touch to activate. Just wave your hand or other portion of your body within 10 millimeters of the switch to activate. Visual and auditory cues occur when the switch is activated.

The Little Candy Corn Proximity Switch is a highly sensitive electronic sensor switch, requiring no force.  It activates within 10mm of skin proximity. Orange LEDs in each corner of the triangular switch illuminate when activated, and a low volume beep is emitted.  The auditory and visual feedback provides the indication that the switch has been activated.  

This switch is popular with switch users who are unable to exert force to activate a regular mechanical switch.  The Candy Corn Proximity switch represents an improvement in design with the excellent visual and auditory feedback.


To Use:

  • Plug the 3.5 mm jack into the switch activated device, or computer interface
  • Turn the switch ON using the recessed ON/OFF slider in the base
  • Position the switch or mount it in the desired site for the user.
  • The internal battery is a CR2032 and can be changed by removing the base of the switch.


The Little Candy Corn Proximity Switch has an in-built mounting plate. Simply twist the base plate to reveal the holes for the supplied screws.
The central area of the base of the switch is magnetic and can magnetically connect with a compatible surface.


The Little Candy Corn switch is not compatible with Ablenet's TrackerPro, battery adapted toys, battery operated scissors, and Paint 'N' Swirl.
It is compatible with most other devices which are designed for switch access.


The Ablenet Candy Corn switch is usally in stock


Switches are not available for trial.  As this is a low cost device it is not available for short-term trial through our usual 'loan/trial program'.  Instead we offer switches on a 'sale or return' basis.  This means the switch can be purchased and a new item is supplied, and if it is unsuitable it can be returned within 14 days.  A refund will be provided less the original freight cost and less any 're-stocking fee' applicable. A re-stocking fee applies if packaging or components require replacing.  If the device and accessories are returned in resaleable condition, a refund will be provided less the original freight charge.

Zyteq offers some switch assessment kits to therapists for use in evaluations.

size: 50 x 50 x 50 mm (triangular) 
[Click Here if you would like to see the Candy Corn Switch in a NEW bigger model]
weight: 40 grams (with cable)
colour: orange and white
force: nil

Instruction Guide [PDF Download]

Switch Kit Guide [PDF Download]

​3 small screws (for mounting)

instruction guide

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Candy Corn Proximity Switch
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