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Wireless JoyCable

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Wireless JoyCable

The Wireless JoyCable (Radio Switch Adaptor) provides wireless connection of switches to your communication aid, up to four metres away. It removes the need for wires, making it ideal for switch users in wheelchairs or in any other situation where tangling of wires is an issue. 

The Wireless Joy Cable ( previsouly = radio switch adaptor) provides a safe and convenient method of connecting switches to a computer or speech generating communication device or environmental control unit. The adaptor is used in the same way as ordinary (wired) switch connectors, but has the advantage of being wire-free.

How it Works

The system consists of one transmitter and a receiver. Your switch/es connect to a small transmitter (56mm x 30 mm x 20 mm) which may be mounted up to 4m away from the computer or other device to be operated. The transmitter is powered by a small button cell that should last around a year. It has a 2 x 3.5mm jack socket, for connecting one or two switches.

The receiver unit for the USB/PC model connects to your computer or speech generating device and takes power from the device, requiring no other power source.

No Interference: Each wireless joycable adaptor has a unique code (printed on the receiver), so you can have several people using wireless joycables in the same room without interference. They are also resistant to interference from other radio emitters such as mobile phones and computers.

Who might use the Wireless Joycable?


The radio switch transmitter and the switch or switches may be mounted to a wheelchair.  The individual can be mobile wherever they need to go in the wheelchair with the switches and tranmistter in place.  To operate the computer or speech generating communication device, the user needs to be in the proximity of the computer or communiaciton system to commence using it.  There is no need for switches to be plugged in and set-up in position every time they are needed.  They are in place ready to be used.  This can greatly increase independence for some people who may otherwise need assistance to start using the computer or speech generating device.

Example 2:

A wired switch might cause problems if the cable interferes with equipment or positioning or seating requirements.  It may not be possible to connect the switch to the device with the wired cable due to the inconveniences of the cable.  The wireless joycable eliminates any of these issues as there is no wiring between the switch and the device being operated.

Supplied with:

  • one transmitter
  • one receiver
  • CD with driver

dimensions: base unit- transmitter:  56mm x 22mm x 11mm
dimensions: receiver: 56mm x 30mm x 20mm
range: 4 metres
Power: transmitter has coin battery (2032) which may bneed replacing annually

Instruction Guide (PDF download)

Supplied with

Instruction guide

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
RST-RSR Wireless Joycable (one transmitter, one receiver) USB

Wireless joyCable (with one transmitter, one receiver) USB
Delivery Included in Pricing

$513 $0.00
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RST Wireless JoyCable - transmitter

Wireless joycable - transmitters only (2 switch) Wireless radio switch transmitter - to pair with wireless joycable or inbuilt switch transmitter in Grid Pad Pro and Grid Pad Eye
Delivery price included.

$266 $0.00
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RSR Wireless JoyCable - receiver

WIreless Joycable (Receiver only) This is built into the Grid Pad Pro and Grid Pad Eye.
Delivery Included in Pricing

$310 $0.00
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