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Zavox Reo Voice Amplifier

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Zavox Reo Voice Amplifier

Zavox Reo  is a personal aid worn on the body.  It amplifies quiet speech, and permits voice conservation. It is high tech,has push-button controls and a choice of microphones. 

The Zavox Reo, developed by Zabonne in New Zealand, is based on their years of voice amplification experience and previous Zavox models. It is compact, sleek and stylish in design.  The Zavox Reo is a personal aid, which amplifies voice.  It is a portable device, powered by rechargeable batteries, worn on the body.  It has been especially designed for the purpose and has evolved from the previous model Zavox which was widely adopted in Australia.

There are two main vocal scenarios which may benefit from amplification:

1. The volume of speech is too low to be functional

The volume of speech may be reduced by conditions such as Parkinson's Disease, Motor Neurone Disease or other neurogenic disorders. Paraplegia and quadriplegia may be associated with low volume speech due to respiratory difficulties.  The vocal structure may be affected by surgery or trauma.  There are a range of causes for low volume speech, but so long as outgoing breath is possible the softest whisper can be amplified. 

2.  Normal voice use is taxing causing fatigue, strain etc

Extended periods of talking, or raising the voice or improper use of the voice may cause vocal fatigue, strain or other voice problems.  Class-room teachers, presenters, tour guides instructors and others speaking to groups may find the Zavox Reo useful.  Adults or children with voice disorders may benefit from amplification.  Amplification may assist to prevent fatigue or strain or may act in a compensatory measure.This device is a small personal aid.  It is NOT suitable for large rooms or large groups.  It is not a Public Address system.

The video here is a recording of a webinar outlining considerations for using a voice amplifier and a demonstration of the Zavox Reo and the microphone options.

Please read under DETAILS for Considerations and Steps for starting with Voice Amplification.



The Reo can be worn on the body in several ways.  It is supplied with a durable, fine black leather pouch and a webbed waist strap and leather neck/shoulder strap.  All buttons and ports can be accessed through the pouch, and the status LED is visible.


The Reo's battery management has been carefully designed to meet the function.  The internal rechargeable batteries are charged by the plug pack charger supplied.  A full charge delivers 5 hours of continuous voice output.  The Reo switches to standby mode when not in use to conserve power.  The status LED flashes GREEN to indicate that the battery requires charging.  The LED flashes  RED during charging and stops flashing when fully charged. A full charge takes 4 hours.


Position the amplifier on the body in the carry bag.  Connect the microphone and position the boom just below the bottom lip.  Easy access, yellow push-buttons are used for ON/OFF and volume control.  When turned ON a triple beep sounds and the status LED is GREEN.  The unit resets to zero volume when turned OFF to prevent potential feedback when next turned ON.  The volume UP button is pressed to the desired amplification level while speaking through the connected microphone. 


How to position the microphones.

See images of each under the IMAGES tab  Correct positioning of the microphones is key to success of the amplification.  The microphone should be 1 to 3 cm from the mouth. 

UNILATERAL EAR MICROPHONE: The ZX-61 unilateral ear microphone is discreet and skin coloured (beige).  It loops over the LEFT ear and can be adjusted with the flexible ear piece. 

HEADSET MICROPHONE: The best amplification results are achieved with this microphone positioned close to the mouth. The 10 cm gooseneck enables accurate positioning. The headband is worn at the back of the head and over the ears, and sits comfortably even with head movement.

THROAT microphone: This is a 'contact' microphone or ' transdermal' microphone that uses a method of induction that picks up voice signals through vibrations in the neck. The result is clear communication without any background noise from the environment, although bodily noises, such as swallowing may also be amplified. This microphone has dual transponders for increased clarity.

LAPEL/ hand held microphone: this is a small microphone with clip designed to be worn on clothing.  We find that it is not close enough to the mouth when positioned on clothing, so is rendered ineffective.  The microphone needs to be 1 to 3 cm from the mouth to be effective. The windsock adds to the apparent size of the microphone, but the actual microphone measures approximately 10mm in diameter.


To call for attention, hold down the volume UP or DOWN buttons for 2 seconds.  To turn OFF hold down either button again for 2 seconds.

How to buy:

The Zavox Reo amplifier is supplied with a choice of microphones.
When working out the pricing, choose your microphone and add the price of the base unit to the microphone.

An assessment kit is available which includes all microphone options.

  • Dimensions : 125 x 80 x 35 MM (6 x 3.2 x 1.4 inches including bag)   
  • Weight: 245 Grams (8 ounces including carry bag)  
  • Battery: 3.7 Volt 950 MAH Lithium Ion
  • Stand-by power; 60 hours
  • Adapter: 9 Volt 1A 110-240 50-60 Hz
  • Output: 3 Watts
  • RoHS Compliant

General guidelines for Voice Amplifier set-up (PDF download)

Considerations and Steps for Starting with Voice Amplification (PDF download)

Supplied with:

Instructions (on box)
neck/shoulder strap
waist strap
black leather pouch with waist strap loop and metal rings for neck/shoulder strap
1 year warranty

Part Code Part Name / Description Price GST
Zavox Reo Amplifier. Please also choose a microphone.
ZV-REO Zavox Reo Voice Amplifier

Zavox REO voice amplifier with pouch, carry straps, charger, in-built personal alarm and 1 year warranty [microphone not included; please add you microphone of choice]
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$343 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
TCL-VAMP-H/SET-AVI Headset Microphone

TCL - headset microphone - deluxe, black. for TCL or Zavox Reo voice amplifier (headset only)
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$143 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
ZV-REO-MIC Unilateral Microphone

Microphone for voice amplifier; unilateral earpiece; beige; for LEFT ear positioning.
[Delivery Included In Pricing]

$93 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
HS-GNM Headset-mic-gooseneck

Headset with gooseneck microphone boom, for Zavox Reo with braided cable.
[Delivery Included In Pricing]

$103 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
VOC030 Lapel Microphone

Lapel microphone (hand-held) only - for TCL or Zavox Reo voice amplifier
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$233 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
TCL-VAMP-T/MIC Transdermal (Throat) Microphone

TCL - throat microphone only - for TCL or Zavox Reo voice amplifier. Amplifier not included
[Delivery Included in Pricing]

$173 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
Zavox Reo Assessment Kit
ZV-REO-Ax Zavox Reo Assessment Kit

Zavox Reo speech amplifier assessment kit. Zavox Reo amplifier with unilateral earpiece microphone, transdermal/throat microphone, headset microphone, lapel microphone, charger, carry pouch and straps, 1 year warranty.
[Delivery Included In Pricing]

$820 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
Replacement Items
ZAV-BC Zavox Reo battery charger replacements

Replacement charger for Zavox Reo
[Delivery Included In Pricing]

$83 $0.00
Purchase / Quote
ZV-REQ-CB Zavox Reo replacement carry bag and neck strap

Zavox Reo replacement carry bag and neck strap [Price includes post delivery]

$85 $0.00
Purchase / Quote

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