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Funding & NDIS

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Zyteq has long established customer relationships with most of the primary main agencies including:

  • Aids and Equipment Program - Electronic Communication Devices Scheme (AEP-ECD) (Victoria)
  • StateWide Equipment Program (SWEP)  (Victoria)
  • Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (MASS) (Queensland)
  • Enable NSW (New South Wales)
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs 
  • Transport Accident Commission (TAC)
  • Community Aids Equipment and Assistive Technologies Initiatives (CAEATI)
  • Variety the Children's Charity
  • Motor Neurone Disease Association of QLD and NSW

Zyteq is registered with the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to supply Assistive Technology and related services 

If you need information about funding options please feel free to contact Zyteq and we can refer you to the appropriate person or agency.  In the majority of cases funding applications need to be supported and made by primary Speech Pathologists and Occupational Therapists of the client. 

If you need more help please contact us.

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