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NDIS.  How to order.

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Zyteq is a Registered Provider for NDIS. 
Our Provider number is: 4050000778

Please watch the video to understand more about how the procedure works.

The equipment we provide generally comes under the Assistive Technology category. 
We offer device hire, training, support and repairs which can be funded by NDIS also.
If you are ready to order please go to our NDIS Order Form / Service Agreement link here.

  • Your NDIS Participant number
  • Plan Dates
  • Know how your plan is managed: Agency Managed (by NDIA), Plan Managed (by an organisation) or Self-Managed
  • Know which equipment or services have been approved in your plan.  
  • Low cost and low risk items (Level 1) should be able to be purchased directly through the Daily Adaptive Equipment funds from the core budget.  This means the Participant claims the cost for the item through the NDIS portal. 
  • Assessment & Quote: Our high tech devices come under the complex category for Assistive Technology and generally need an assessment first which includes equipment trialling.  Once the preferred device is selected a quote can be requested from Zyteq. The funds for the purchase are added to the plan by the Participant, LAC, NDIA staff member or support coordinator along with the quote for the items required.  

Please contact Zyteq if you have any questions. Phone (03) 9696 2944 or email to support@zyteq.com.au

If you need more help please contact us.

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