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Orders may be placed directly with Zyteq as explained here.

Organisations generally provide an official Purchase Order by email or fax.  Goods are supplied and an invoice is issued payable on 14 day terms.  This system is available for our account customers.
Some organisations pre-pay on an invoice, and goods are dispatched after payment has been received.
New customers/organisations may be required to pre-pay.

Individuals are required to pre-pay and this can be achieved by purchasing on-line using a credit card or Paypal account, or we can generate and invoice for payment by cheque, money order or electronic funds transfer.
Pre-paid orders are available for individuals making private purchases. Credit cards payments are generally accepted for selected products using our on-line purchasing system.

All orders attract a freight and handling fee.
If funds for an order are to be paid by two sources we can issue separate invoices.  
It is not possible for Zyteq to administer lay-by, hire purchase or other installment payments.

Prior to ordering

In order to qualify for funding through the major agencies in most states, equipment may need to be trialled.  This is usually required for the dedicated Speech Generating Devices.  Zyteq has a "trial program" which can be accessed by Speech Pathologist and Occupational Therapists (others please enquire). Due to the necessity to match the person to the technology, it is recommended that assistive technology is trialled prior to deciding on which system to purchase.  In Australia many people are eligible for the state-based funding programs so equipment applications are made to these bodies, and then it is purchased through Zyteq.  Please refer to the information about our 'trial program'  if you have not yet had the chance to explore the options available.  As the clicnican needs to sign off the recommendation and application, it is necessary for these trials to be conducted  with the OT or SP as the supervisor of the trial. If you are new to "assistive technology' and the procedures, programs and funding options please go to "are you new to assistive technology?" to read more. 

Zyteq also offers Assistive Technology Evaluations to assist with matching individuals with the most suitable technology. Please enquire for further information. Our Speech Pathologists are available to join with the primary therapy team to evaluate assistive technology for an individual. Consultation fees apply and travel costs may also apply. After discussing your interest a quote can be supplied for the services proposed. 

If you need more help please contact us.

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