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The Zyteq website CART allows you to take 2 actions if you require a quote:

1. Create a Quote:

  • Quotes are only relevant for Australian purchases
  • Instantly create a customised quote online as follows
  • Simply navigate the PRODUCTS to find the products you're after, and in the PRICES section at the bottom of each page select QUOTE ONLY or PURCHASE to add the item to your cart.
  • Once you have added the required items, select the CART tab at the top of the page.
  • Once you open your CART you will see 3 tabs as shown here.
  • PRINT QUOTE allows you to generate a quote yourself which contains the date of the quote.

2. Request a Quote

  • REQUEST QUOTE send an email to Zyteq for a more detailed quote which can contain the client's name or other details you may require.  Please list the details you require in the email.
  • You are welcome to ring us to discuss or request a quote.  It is often useful to dicuss options or quote formats if you have a specific requirement.

We only ship within Australia. So please only proceed if you are located in Australia.  

If you need more help please contact us.

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