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We want to ensure you are satisified with the Zyteq products.  Due to the personal nature of many of our products it is usual practise for equipment to be trialled for a short period to fully determine suitability, compare with other products and to understand the requirements or the management of the product.  In conjunction with the major funding agencies around Australia we provide a short-term trial through our Guided Evaluation scheme. Please view our Equipment Trials section for details.

  • Some items are not available for trial. These are smaller, low cost or low-support items which do not fit into our 'trial or hire program'.   
  • Selected items are available on a 'purchase or return' basis.  
  • All items requested on this basis must be PRE-PAID.

Low cost products are not available for short-term trial through our usual 'Equipment Trial program'.  Instead we offer them on a 'purchase or return' basis.  This means they can be purchased and a new complete kit or item is supplied, and if it is unsuitable it can be returned within 14 days.  (Think of the trial period as 10 days trial and a few days return, to permit adequate postage time). A refund will be provided less the original delivery & handling cost and less any 're-stocking fee' applicable. A re-stocking fee applies if packaging or components require replacing.  If the device and accessories are returned in resalable condition, a refund will be provided less the original freight charge.  If part of the original order is returned (e.g. one microphone for the Zavox voice amplifier) all of the delivery & handling fee will deducted from the refund total.

If the equipment returned was purchased with FREE shipping, a minimum handling fee plus the cost of the original postage will be deducted from the refund.  Any re-stocking fee will apply on top of this.  

This will be calculated as follows:

Returned item value: up to $100  Refund less handling & delivery (Inc GST) $33
Returned item value: up to $1000  Refund less handling & delivery (Inc GST) $55
Returned item value: up to $5000  Refund less handling & delivery (Inc GST) $77
Returned item value: over $5000  Refund less handling & delivery (Inc GST) $132
Returned items which when freighted have weight of 10 kg or more Refund is less $165 (incl GST) (e.g. rolling mounts)

This provides the opportunity to try the device while having the option to return it if it is unsuitable (with some additional terms for voice amplifiers....please read on).

VOICE AMPLIFIERS are offered in this category, but microphones present a hygiene issue.  If voice amplifiers are purchased on a 'purchase or return' basis we supply the microphones with a hygiene barrier which should not be removed during the trial if the returning this item. If the hygiene barrier is removed this aspect of the payment will not be refunded, and the microphone should be retained by the purchaser.  Our loan equipment is disinfected between uses and it is not new equipment.  New equipment must remain new, so unfortunately we cannot accept returned microphones with the hygeine barrier removed. If multiple microphones need to be trialed, they will need to be purchased and then returned if unsuitable.  

If you need more help please contact us.

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