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Welcome to our Selection Guide.

Each of the Selection Guide sections relates to an area of interest in Assistive Technology.  These sections aim to provide background, description, discussion, opinion and equipment suggestions based on our collective years of experience in the field.  At Zyteq we are suppliers with clinical backgrounds, professional qualifications and expertise in the products we offer.  We gather information from our customers located around Australia and also discuss trends, preferences and suggestions with our international manufacturers and developers from Belgium, U.S.A, U.K., Germany, Sweden and New Zealand.  We also draw on our past clinical experience and current client interactions to draw together the information for each of these sections.  We are also very interested in your ideas and feedback so please make contact if you would like to add a suggestion or opinion.

New to Assistive Technology?

For Families

This section is intended for parents, partners, carers, siblings and others who are investigating Assistive Technology for a family member.  

For Speech Pathologists

Speech Pathologist often act as our primary point of contact when a Speech Generating Device or voice amplifier is being considered for a client. This section is for Speech Pathologists and Speech-Language Pathologists (state-based differences in terminology).  As Speech Pathologists here we share your jargon and terminology, training background, clinical experience and so on.  

For Occupational Therapists

Occupational Therapists may also be a primary contact point between supplier and client for Assistive Technology generally.  OTs may also be a crucal part of the team during the Speech Generating Devices selection process.  This section focusses on the OT perspective and equipment primarily implemented by OTs. 

For Schools

Educators, IT committee members and school business managers may be charged with implementing existing equipment in schools, or may be seeking to update or purchase new Assistive Technology for an individual student or perhaps for shared class-room use, or use throughout the school.  This section addresses these areas of Assistive Technology investigation.

Cerebral Palsy

MND & Progressive Neurological 

Acquired Neurogenic


Eye Gaze

Auditory Scanning

Rett Syndrome

iPads as Assistive Technology

Message Banking

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