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Do You Have Equipment Needing Repair?

If you have Zyteq equipment requiring repair please check which of the following apply to your situation and proceed accordingly.

Please contact Zyteq prior to sending any equipment for repair.  Please DO NOT send equipment without contacting the office.  If you send equipment it will need to be invoiced and in many cases also pre-paid prior to return, and it is possible that there may have been an action that could have been carried out "in the field" to restore operation.

1.  Equipment is visibly damaged and non-operational.

If your device was supplied through a funding agency that covers the cost for repairs, please contact the issuing agency to report the problem.  You will be advised how to proceed and the funding agency will forward the required documentation directly to Zyteq. 

If your device does not fit the above category or you do not know who supplied it, please call us with the SERIAL NUMBER so we may check our records.  We will then be able to advise how to proceed.

If your repairs are privately funded please ring Zyteq with the SERIAL NUMBER of the device and we will advise how to proceed.

Please note in: some devices are covered by ‘extended service warranties’ which means that all repair costs are included for the life of a warranty.  To check whether your device is covered by an ‘extended service warranty’ please contact Zyteq with the SERIAL NUMBER of the device.

2.  The equipment is not working correctly or is non-operational.

Please ring Zyteq as we may be able to rectify the problem through some troubleshooting over the phone.  If this is unsuccessful we can further determine the nature of the problem and how best to proceed.

For trouble-shooting over the phone there are some standard requirements to ensure the most effective assistance can be offered.  Please see SUPPORT.

NOTE:  Please be aware that devices with stored data, programmed or edited content specific to the user, may be removed and erased during the repair process.  Please back up all data before sending equipment for repair.

How To Send Equipment For Repair

BEFORE you sending any equipment to Zyteq please contact us first to ensure that this is the best course of action.  A device sent for general checking or where an “operator error” has caused an apparent problem will still need to be invoiced.

Please help us provide the fastest repair service possible by supplying all required details with the device.  

Warranty terms and conditions do not apply to damage caused by dropping or other abuse to units (except for devices with ‘extended service warranties’ and service agreements).  

1.  Please phone to discuss the problem; maybe it can be solved over the phone. When you phone please have the device in front of you.  We will ask for the serial number as this is essential to enable the history, warranty status and ownership of the device to be determined.

If it has been determined that you need to send it in we will provide a RETURN AUTHORISATION Number, register the technical job into our system and send you a confirmation email.

Please follow ALL of these steps. Please do not assume that a telephone conversation with the Zyteq office permits omission of any of these steps. These steps are devised to prevent further damage to the device in transit, to expedite repairs and to ensure correct payment processing.

2. Print out a copy of your Return Authoirisation Form (in which case skip to step 3.) or

    Write or type a note to include with the device which must include:

  • Contact details including your contact name, phone number, and email address
  • A postal address for return delivery by post.
  • The Return Authorisation number you were issued, and the serial number of the unit is essential. These are our references for all repairs. If you ring to discuss repair progress please know your device’s serial number.
  • A statement of the problem (repeat points from the phone conversation if relevant, but please provide information. A note “as per our phone conversation” is insufficient.) The more information provided here the faster the repair may proceed. Please describe the problem; its frequency; what happened prior to this problem occurring (any damage, exposure to liquid, incorrect charger etc), whether it is intermittent or constant.  It is more helpful to describe the problem rather than to try and interpret any fault.   Include any other observations of the device’s operation. 
  • Method of payment (see below). Please know who owns the device in question and who is responsible for payment of repairs. In some cases approval must be sought before sending the equipment for repair, otherwise the agency may not cover payment. If you require a quotation prior to work proceeding please state this clearly on the note [and read below for terms & conditions], and ensure that there are multiple methods to contact you so as to avoid delays. Please note there is a minimum charge for inspection, even if work does not proceed.
  • NOTE:  Please be aware that devices with stored data, programmed or edited content specific to the user, may be removed and erased during the repair process.  Please back up all data before sending equipment for repair.  If you wish for data and to be backed up or stored by Zyteq prior to the repair process, please advise on the note included with the equipment when it is sent.  An additional fee may apply.

3. Package the equipment as follows:

  • Please package equipment in a sturdy box with clean and plentiful packaging.
  • A strong shoe box can work well, or a box from the post office.  It is not necessary nor desirable to use the original box.
  • Protect the display, wrap the device and pack out the box using bubble wrap or clean packaging.  Once packed, items should not shake around inside the box.
  • Do not use shredded paper please; it can enter the device.
  • Please do not use only a padded post bag or satchel.  A box is essential with packaging.  
  • Do not include accessories unless they seem related to the problem, for example a charger may be suspect so then please include it.
  • Include the note (point 2 above) and method of payment 4.  Or the RA form.

4. Forward the item either:


  • By Express post or Platinum Express post.. Insurance is usually not necessary, but this is your choice. 

​If you are not personally packing and sending the device, but instead are passing it onto someone else to assist, please ensure they have all these details and understand the urgency of the freight.

Please send to:

Suite 302 
120 BayStreet
Port Melbourne VIC 3207 

(This address is direct to our office and the fastest.)


PO Box 190
South Melbourne VIC 3205

SENDER: Clearly label the box with your sender address.  Remove old labels and scribble out or cover over any irrelevant labelling which may cause problems in the post.

  • By courier (your cost).  You will need a consignment note for the courier company.
  • If you do not have an account with a courier company, please use Australia Post.
  • If you are not personally packing and sending the device, but instead are passing it onto someone else to assist, please ensure they have all these details and understand the urgency of the freight.
  • For courier only – please ring to advise if you are using courier delivery.  It is helpful for us to have the tracking number.
  • Please always add your return address to the box. 
  • If you do not have a courier account please get a quote from the company you use first. Private courier deliveries (without an account) are generally not economical. Only use reputable companies.
  • If the device is owned by the Aids and Equipment Program in Victoria, Enable NSW or Medical Aids Subsidy Scheme (QLD), please ring these organisations to discuss the repair with them before sending.


Repairs must be paid for prior to equipment being returned.
A Purchase Order may be accepted from our account customer organizations. An invoice will be supplied with 14 day terms, when the repaired item is returned.
If cheque payment is preferred you will be phoned when the repair is ready for return and a cheque must be received prior to the equipment being returned.
Direct deposit can be made into the Zyteq bank account. Please ring for details. Credit card payment can be arranged, for payment online or over the phone.  The

Quote First:

Terms and conditions: A quotation for the repair cost maybe requested before the device is forwarded to us, or after the technician's inspection.
A quotation is a legally binding document so quotes must be provided according to "terms and conditions".
A PRE-SERVICE QUOTE: A quotation provided prior to inspection will be an estimate only and not an official quote, or a pre-service quotation can be provided for specified work prior to inspection, therefore the quote will only cover the work quoted, which may be incomplete and not sufficient to solve the problem.

A STANDARD QUOTATION is carried out by the technician and includes full analysis and assessment of the device. Where a standard quotation has been requested, and the repair does not proceed a minimum charge will be applied to cover the technician’s diagnostic labour, freight handling and administration. This will generally be $250 (including $25 GST) for a standard situation. Where the repair proceeds, these costs will constitute the freight, labour (minimum only) and handling for the repair work. [PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE] Quotations are valid for 30 days. If the quote has not been accepted within 30 days, an invoice will be issued for the cost of the quotation and the return of the device. In these rare cases Zyteq usually follows up with multiple contacts to try to determine the preferred course of action. If no action has been taken within 90 days, it is assumed that the device is not required and it will be retained or disposed of by Zyteq.

Warranty are voided if unauthorized repairers have opened or worked on the equipment.

Warranty Repairs:

Most Zyteq Assistive Technology originates from Europe and U.S.A. where manufacturer limited 2 year warranties are standard.   Warranties are limited to "manufacturing" related issues, specifically warranty against defects in materials and manufacturing. As the authorised dealer and reseller for our products, Zyteq will handle the warranty claim and liaise with the manufacturer.  Proof and date of purchase is required. Please check with your device issuer (if obtained through funding agencies) as devices may have been re-issued and not "new" when received.  Our manufacturer's are usually very willing to honour warranty claims, but in some cases there may need to be some extra details provided so that the "warranty case" can be deteremined. 

NOT covered by warranty is generally wear and tear which requires periodic repair and replacement. Defects or damage that result from: (a) incorrect  or unsutable operation, storage, misuse or abuse, accident or neglect, (b) exposure to or contact with liquid, water, rain, extreme humidity or heavy perspiration, saliva, sand, dirt or debris, extreme heat, or food; (c) subjecting the products to abnormal usage or conditions; or (d) other acts which are not the fault of the manufacturer, are excluded from coverage.

A warranty case cannot usually be determined over the phone; it will be necessary to return the device for inspection, at your cost.  Reasonable postage/freight will be reimbursed if the warranty claim is confirmed.  If warranty can be determined over the phone, then a pre-paid post label can be provided for the return.

Authorised Repairers

  • Zyteq PO Box 190 South Melbourne VIC 3205

All repairs should be forwarded directly to Zyteq. In order to provide the fastest and most comprehensive repair service, we have stream-lined all repairs to Zyteq.  Zyteq has direct support from the manufacturers for technical expertise, parts and information.  As this is updated on a frequent basis our technicians are in the best position to implement upgrades, manufacturer recommended modifications and other details.  Our aim is to provide the highest quality repair service so that the device is returned not only repaired but upgraded to any new specification available and with attention to small details such as missing rubber feet.  To expedite the process we recommended that Express Post service is used.  This is a tracked and "signed" service overnight from most areas. Using such a service means that the device will arrive for repair the next day whether you are located in Brisbane or a Melbourne suburb.

If you need more help please contact us.

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