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If you own or support equipment from Zyteq, or from one of our resellers, Zyteq services are available to help you with the use of the equipment.  Support may be technical, procedural, operational or of a more general nature.  Support and training are closely linked and a “support” question may transforms into training.

The types of support available are: 

Level 1 support: This level of support is included in the purchase of your device from Zyteq.  It covers basic issues and questions of a straight-forward and simple nature.  Analysis of the problem or question will determine whether the issue in within the scope of this level of support.  A more complex issue may indicate a training need which needs to be addressed in a more comprehensive and methodical way. Level 1 training is usually provided as SUPPORT and is designed to provide you with the steps to move forward using your device effectively.  When you call you will usually be able to speak to an experienced Speech Pathologist who is an expert in the product you have.  Emails are also answered by the same experienced Speech Pathologists.  Resources are available in the form of PDF downloads from the SUPPORT tabs under PRODUCTS on this website.  Additional resources are often developed for a specific need and added to the ever-growing list. In this level of support we can provide instructions and resources for you to follow to answer your question.  If you need guided, step-by-step assistance please read on to the next levels of support. 

Level 2 support: This level of support is for questions and issues at the middle-range of complexity. This level would also be appropriate where there is a frequent and regular need for support including basic questions.  The Zyteq Team can indicate the cateogory of the support you require. Our consultant Occupational Therapist can also be booked for Level 2 support. Once analysis has taken place, or a frequency of contacts established, it may be necessary to make an appointment for a training session either in person or by phone or Skype so we may dedicate the time and expertise to best address the issue.  Level 2 support most often requires purchase of a Support or Training Package to allocate the required time to achieve your goals.  Level 2 support and training sessions may be held at your facility, when a representative is in your region if possible. Sessions may be held for small groups or sometimes larger group meetings are arranged at a central location for people with a common interest.  If this is not possible then it may be more effcteive to hold a session by phone or Skype or Teamviewer. 

Level 3 support: This level of support is for issues requiring advanced or complex questions or issues.  Once analysis has taken place it will most likely be recommended to proceed to purchase of a Support or Training Package so that the necessary time and expertise can be allocated.  Support and Training Packages may also be purchased with devices and systems to ensure time is allocated to this learning ahead of issues or needs arising.

The most appropriate format for training may depend on the individual situation, the availability of Zyteq consultants, and the item of equipment or software which will be the focus of the training.

Other services which may be of interest:

Installation and Set-up



Training sessions are not designed to be a substitute for therapy input. Training is most commonly provided to the support people in order that they can in turn support and train the end user of the device. It is anticipated that the support people attending a training session will be the therapists, parents, carers, education staff and others involved on a day-to-day basis with helping the end user to manage their equipment.

Training for individuals is also offered to assist with operational management of the device or system. 

Training Sessions and Packages

  • Training per hour is $165 (plus GST)
  • Travel costs
  • Accommodation allowance

Training Packages

  • 5 sessions of 1.5 hours (including installation and set-up)
  • 1 x Installation and set-up session plus 1 training session of 2 hours
  • other options by negotiation

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Please contact Zyteq to request a quote.

As our consultants are located around Australia, travel and accommodation costs may or may not apply.

If you need more help please contact us.

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