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Smartbox and Tobii-Dynavox merger

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UPDATE: 11th October 2018

Since the original announcement about the merger of Smartbox and Tobii-Dynavox we have learned more.  Here is an update.

  • The merger process is not quite completed so for the next month or so, it is definitely "business as usual".  We have time to learn more, liaise with both companies and work out the next steps.
  • The situation as described here is not quite as urgent as we first thought and now we are happy to add some clarity.
  • The main point that has improved (or is not as we understood) is the supply of current model Grid Pads.
  • We already know that the Grid Pad 11 is "End of Life” and this is unrelated to the impact of the merger. We bought up stock to have this model available for the many customers who have trialled this device and prefer its price point and features.
  • The Grid Pad Go 8 and 10, Grid Pad 13 Pro and Eye will continue without impact for the foreseeable future. These models are available and will continue to be available from Zyteq as a Smartbox dealer even once the merger completes. This is the very best news we want to confirm with you.


You may have seen the announcement that these two highly successful Communication Device companies will merge.  As the Australian Smartbox dealer we are not quite sure what this will mean yet.

There are some points we do know so I can share these here:

  • All current Grid Pads will be supported for up to 5 years from purchase.
  • Parts and the skilled Smartbox technicians will continue in their roles still based in the same head office in Malvern, United Kingdom, under Tobii-Dynavox.
  • Accessories and replacement parts will continue to be available for a reasonable time.
  • All current Grid Pad models will be discontinued except the new Grid Pad and Touch Pad (iPad model).
  • We will need to stop providing quotes for new purchases of the outgoing Grid Pad models and regulate our remaining stock for incoming orders.  We apologies for this inconvenience but there will be a few stages to move through to see what happens next. [UPDATE – Oct 11 – this is no longer the case]
  • Grid 3 will continue to power your devices and be developed and supported.
  • Zyteq will continue to sell its Grid Pad stock of outgoing models and then our demo and loan devices until the outgoing models are exhausted.
  • Zyteq will continue with Jabbla products including Mobi 3, Mobi 3 IntelliGaze, Tellus 5, Tellus 5 IntelliGaze, Allora 2 and Smart 3, and not forgetting Mind Express 4!  We also have independent devices such as our BobCat and All-In-One.
  • We will continue to offer IntelliGaze and EyeTech eye gaze cameras also.
  • Generally our business continues as it has been with the transition and merger of the two companies to take place around us.  We are a multi-line dealer and will continue to offer choice and options. 

We thank you so much for your understanding and patience as this transition takes place around us.  We will be here to continue to provide our Grid expertise and assistance along with all our other activities.  We will keep you informed as we know more.

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