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Pricing Policy for Web Site Listing | the prices shown on this web site are subject to change without notice. All prices are shown in Australian Dollars. Pricing is relevant ONLY to sales within Australia from Zyteq. We do not export outside Australia. So please only proceed if you are located in Australia.  Pricing of the same products set in other countries may vary from a direct conversion using exchange rates, due to local issues such as modifications, additions, taxes, duties etc to meet local conditions. Zyteq sets the recommended retail price within Australia. Our dealers may price products differently.

Annual Price List: At Zyteq we endeavour to minimize pricing changes, however our pricing is influenced by the performance of the Australian dollar, the import prices set by our manufacturers and the cost of maintaining a viable business. Zyteq is an independent commercial company which receives no government grants or funding. The majority of products are produced in very small quantities and even in terms of world wide sales, volumes remain low, hence production costs are relatively significant.

A price list is set for each calendar year, generally based on the average exchange rates from the previous year. We are operating on a 'lag' system so sudden improvements in international exchange rates will generally not be reflected in pricing until the following year. Likewise a sudden or dramatic worsening of rates may not be immediately reflected in the pricing. We reserve the right to change from this practice to protect our business integrity.

The Goods & Services Tax (+GST) introduced in June 2000, has not been applied to many of our items as they are GST-free under "Medical Aids and Appliances", Schedule 3 of the GST Legislation. Books and items not nominated under this category attract +GST. Replacement parts or accessories which are "mainstream" attract GST.


Zyteq does not discount pricing, except to our authorised dealers. As all equipment is for people with special needs it is not possible to provide discounts for one situation over another.


Please request quotations on current pricing, or generate an on-line quotation. DO NOT BASE FUNDING SUBMISSIONS and GRANTS on this price list without confirming pricing through an official quotation. Written quotations only, are legally binding for 30 days from the date of issue. Verbal quotations are not legally binding, nor are 'quotations' of our pricing gained from other sources, for example, assistive technology resource centres.

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